Whether you are new to cycling or currently riding an e-bike can boost your enjoyment in the sport. By adding the power assist of an e-bike battery to your regular ride, you can go further and faster than before. If your activity level has dropped due to injury or joint pain, an e-bike can get you back on the trail with less stress on your body.

E-Bikes Are Cheap to Buy and Maintain

According to YNWM.com, the average rider can expect to spend no more than $1,500 to $4,000 on a high-quality bike that will cost just pennies to charge and maintain in the long run.

In comparison, the average cost of owning a new car in the United States can run as much as $900 per month, or $10,800 annually. Not to mention the price of the vehicle itself.

So if you’re a senior you can save a lot of money riding an electric bike. Especially if you buy a comfortable step-through e-bike.

E-bikes are Fun

Bicycling requires multi-tasking. On a traditional bicycle, you have to

  • balance
  • pedal
  • watch for hazards
  • plan your route

An e-bike can take away a couple of those requirements because the bike will move via battery power. You can also get an e-bike that will help you plan the best route and even call someone should you fall. All you have to do is balance and watch for hazards.

E-bikes can be a much faster ride than a traditional bicycle. To prepare for this, you will want to invest in

  • a quality helmet
  • knee and elbow pads
  • breathable workout gear to protect your skin

If you take a tumble off your e-bike, long sleeves and pants can save you the pain of a bad road rash. Once you’re appropriately geared up, an e-bike can be a fun ride.

E-bikes Make Warming Up Easy

Your e-bike will take care of the pedaling. You can focus on

  • balance
  • good posture
  • breathing deeply
  • warming up your legs slowly

E-bikes have a heavier frame, and you can get them with much heartier tires. You can reduce jarring and give you a smoother ride as you warm up your core balancing the bike. Do consider adding fenders, especially at the back. The speed of an e-bike can increase the risk of water and dirt spatter off that back tire, and without a fender, you may end up wearing it.

Think of Them as Training Wheels

You’re still getting exercise on an e-bike. Balancing takes core work and can increase blood flow to your spine. However, because you can both pedal your e-bike and ride assisted, you can slowly warm up your knees and ankles as you roll along.

You may have family who are concerned about your risks on an e-bike. Let them know that the frame of an e-bike is heartier and heavier than that of a traditional bike. Most e-bikes won’t allow you to go more than 20 miles per hour. Your battery range will cover about 75 miles. Even if you ride further than before, you can still get home safely and be able to rely on a bit of help.

E-bikes Can Fold Down Small

Many seniors choose to downsize in retirement. If you no longer have a garage, you can get an e-bike that can be folded into a small carrying case or backpack and taken up to your home for safe storage. You can keep the case right by the front door for your next ride.

You Can Run Errands on an E-bike and Save on Fuel

E-bikes use very little electricity. Many riders invest in a charging brick and a small solar panel to wear on a backpack while they ride to reduce their electrical cost even further.

Thanks to the electric assist, you may be able to use your e-bike as your regular commuter. If you currently have a car that sees little use, consider getting a basket for the front and a carrying bag for the back of your e-bike. You can easily manage trips to the grocery store and your local drugstore with your e-bike and reduce your vehicle expenses even further.

E-biking is Great for Your Brain

We all know that fresh air and movement are good for us. One of the significant challenges for older citizens is that movement, at least in the early stages, can be uncomfortable. Access to an e-bike can be the difference between exercising and not exercising because it gets you started.

Once you’re on the trail, your e-bike will feel just like any other bike, except that you don’t have to pedal constantly. You can pedal along the whole trail and go further with the assist, or you can tackle new hills and more challenging trails knowing that you’ll have a little help on the rough climbs.

Do make sure that you gear up properly to protect older skin. Where a younger person may get a scrape or road rash, you could end up with a skin tear. Check the weather so you can avoid slick or muddy trails. Treat yourself to some prescription sunglasses, a properly fitted helmet, and a water bottle. Go for it!

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