Just another day left for St. Patrick’s Day to come, and you are telling that you have a busy weekend?

Christ, Noooooooo!, It’s the St.Patricks’s carnival and you are planning to keep your weekends busy? No shitting man!  Your partner has been waiting for days to wear her most beautiful green gown to walk in the parade with you and you are planning to jerk it up!! You better don’t even think of it, or else you gonna spoil your whole weekend! Watch out, bro.

While walking & dancing all wearing shamrocks in the parade, you might be thirsty enough to sip some beer or soda, right? That’s when you realize oohhhh hell no. it’s warm man, are you kidding me?

No way, because you got your beer bottle covered with coolie sleeves to keep it far from getting warm. Just sip a bit from the bottle while walking without your partner and enjoy the Carnival!

And if you are an Irish American then it’s the time for you to ‘booze like goose, just to freak the hell out of your mind and never feel like cutting yourself loose’ while partying in fountain of beers. If you are planning to organize such wild party at your friend’s house on this St.Patrick’s days this is the best unique looking funny looking gift item to freak the guy out of his mind.

These best sleeve covers are cute, easy to put on in the soda bottle or in your beer bottle. If you are planning to gift someone a surprise gift to break the blue this is your call dude! It’s a perfect gift to break the blue of your old pal who wasn’t expecting you to come down at his/her place after a long time, a perfect present for your BFF to cover the soda/beer bottles with these coolie sleeves while they are placed in the beer cartons. Maeeen.. that’s freaking asweeeeesome!.

Available in green (the color of St.Patrick of course), they are:

  • Made of high-quality acrylic fiber
  • Allowing you to enjoy the drink slowly and party hard for a long time
  • Featured with 1*4 leaf clover design
  • Comes with 3 pack of coolers (idea to gift any of your friends who’s from Irish American origin)
  • 3*0.25*8 inches dimension

These cool looking gift items are ready for sale before even the arrival of St.Patrick’s Day even, Hurry up!

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