Halloween has evolved a lot over the years, it’s no longer an ancient celtic festival of Samhain where people wear costumes and light bonfires to scare off ghosts. It has become a fun ‘holiday’ where we can dress up as anything, load up on candy and it’s also the best excuse for many October and November born babies to throw a themed halloween birthday party.

Party invitations

Party invites are a lot more important than you think, they set the mood for the party long before the event starts. The type of invite you choose allows your guest to know if the party is light hearted or spooky. There are plenty of free and printable halloween invitations templates that you can get online that you can download. Whether you want to print them or send them out as evites virtually, your cards will look perfectly fine.

Important details

Be sure that you don’t forget the important details such as the date, time, venue and costume theme if there is one! One of the biggest concerns when it comes to halloween parties is whether or not other guests will be wearing costumes so make sure to add that special detail in if there is any.

zombie partyDecorations

The decorations should tie in with the birthday party invitations you send out, there is no point decorating your venue with unicorns if you wanted your party to be a creepy adventure. You can mix cute and light hearted decorations such as Jack o’ lanterns and friendly ghosts along with some more frightening decorations like zombies and witches. Lighting will help set the mood, your party environment should be exciting as well as interesting, think candles or strobe lights, you can also replace your light bulbs with colored bulbs to cast eerie yet festive glows!

Halloween Food Ideas

This is the one day of the year where unappetizing food is exciting. You could make food from any course, entrees, mains and desserts can all be transformed into a festive surprise. Your guest will most likely be wandering around while eating so be sure to prepare food that can be eaten with one’s hands!.

Get creative and make finger foods such as spider cookies, mini sausage rolls disguised as severed fingers, bleeding cakes (lots and lots of jam and preserve), the possibilities for creating disturbing treats are endless!

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