This is a video of Rachel Lust doing her thang. Her thang being ULTIMATE HULA HOOP DANCING SOMETHING. Damn, watching this was a really humbling experience for me. I’ve always taken a lot of pride winning drunken “who can hula hoop the longest” contests at my summer BBQs. Now? Well, I’ve got one coming up next weekend and I’m telling you right now, I’m hanging up my G-D hula hoop for good! But not my beanbags. I’ll never give up on cornhole. NEVER!

*Totally projecting! Everyone knows you have a larger-than-average mind.


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Via: Neatorama


  1. Emma Looney

    Columbus, OH!

  2. Joe

    i’m in love…

  3. Pavel Vitouš

    It didn’t blow up my mind :( but she’s darn good.