The online gambling business has never been stronger, with more players than ever getting into casinos on the web.

Yet the internet is not the only place where the magic of gambling can be found. Down the years, we have been treated to some truly epic gambling movies from directors seeking to replicate the experience of the casino on film.

In this article, we will be taking a look at a unique study by New Casino sites that details the Top 21 Gambling Movies. Providing a detailed look of the top movies, we will also be sharing a comprehensive peek at others on the list.

Without further ado, let’s get going with the 21 top gambling movies ever created.

How was the list of the top 21 gambling movies made?

First let’s look at how the list was made. Using modern data technology, the list of the Top 21 Gambling Movies from New Casino Sites blends movie ratings from top sources IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes to make a final score.

Films are then compared with each other on the basis of this score and this is used to create the New Casino Sites list of the 21 finest casino films ever.

The Top 21 Gambling Movies

The best scoring gambling movie of all is Casino Royale (2006), which achieved a top score of 87%. Daniel Craig’s premier appearance as James Bond, this film has what could be the best casino scene ever committed to film! Fans of poker will remember well the time that 007 faced off against Le Chiffre in a high-stakes game at Casino Royale!. Boasting stunning car chases, amazing costumes and general excitement, this effort is a modern great in the pantheon of Bonds.

Second on the list of the top 21 gambling movies was Mr Lucky (1943), a legendary gambling movie from H.C. Potter. Dating back over seventy years, this movie starring actor  Cary Grant is truly a classic. They don’t make gambling films like this anywhere; Hollywood at its very best!

Number three on the New Casino Sites list of the top 21 gambling movies was a more recent effort. Rounder (1998) took home third place thanks to an all-star line-up including Matt Damon, Ed Norton and John Malkovich. Real film buffs will know and love this movie, but if you have yet to see it we highly recommend enjoying its thrills and spills. Truly, one of the best gambling movies of all time!

More of the Top 21 Gambling Movies

We may have seen the top three films on the list of the top 21 gambling movies, but there are many more worth mentioning. Let’s take a peek at the others on the list, there are some great ones!

The excellent Scorsese movie Casino (1995) came in at five on the list with a rating of 80.50%. Showing the journey of Samuel ‘Ace’ Rothstein into the world of Las Vegas casinos, this film is known for its dialogue, costumes and scenes of epic tension! Starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone, Casino is many connoisseurs’ choice of best gambling movie of all time.

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