Youtube channel Kyoot Animals posted this video of a squirrel stuffing his face full of tissues. It is ridiculous. Why does he do it? No one knows. Why does anyone do anything? Exactly — no one knows. Deep thoughts, you guys. So deep, it’s starting to make my head hurt, TBH.

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  1. Participating Observer

    I think squirrels are incredible. They create families, are territorial. Prepare for winter and have fun, or search for food, leaping from limb to limb high enough to die if they fell. They are very brave, fight with rivals, yet never have I seen them actually wound another squirrel. They can be taught to come with a single whistle, if you give them a reward, like peanuts, or wheat bread made of wheat and nuts. They ignore rabbits, birds and other animals that come around, but give warning they will fight by shaking their tails. Great fun to watch. And, they will perform for peanuts.