I was pretty proud of my homemade Halloween decorations, but once again the internet made me feel like a failure. After watching this video, suddenly my hundreds of construction paper bats and tissue paper ghosts hung by dental floss seemed like a big waste of time (not to mention office supplies and sanitary products). YouTube user KJ92508 creates unbelievable light shows with strobe lights and jack-o’-lantern faces that sing to the music. He’s been doing this for a few years, making videos to songs like Thriller and This is Halloween, but this year he’s outdone himself with an amazing Party Rock Anthem light show—which by the way is totally cheating because it’s not even a Halloween song (unless maybe you count the line “Every day I’m shufflin’” as a zombie reference). Anyway, you watch the video, I’ll be cutting out Santa hats for my bats—I wanna get the most of of my decorations this year!

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