If you haven’t done it yet, it’s really rewarding to back a project on Kickstarter. All you have to do is drop a few bucks and you can make someone’s dream come true—whether they’re trying to manufacture a new product, create a movie, or take over the world. Right now you have the chance to support COBRA, a struggling non-profit that’s dedicated to advancements in science and defense technology, and help them rebuild their base of operations. Not only do you get to help COBRA get back on their feet, but you get awesome pledge rewards. For example, pledge $10 and get a sticker or pledge $200 and get the services of Storm Shadow for an entire week. Check out Cobra Commander’s Kickstarter video for more information about this worthwhile cause.

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  1. Zartan

    I gave 200 bucks and Storm Shadow Destroyed all my ENEMIES!!! COBRA!