You know how there’s always 2 sides to every story except in Disney movies? Well apparently even Disney villains have their own story that goes beyond wanting ultimate power or being the fairest of them all or feeling snubbed over not being invited to a baby shower. “Maleficent” is a live action telling of how she ended up becoming all evil and scary, starring Angelina Jolie. According to Disney our girl Mal… can I call you Mal? No? Ahem, our evil mistress Maleficent lived in a peaceful forest kingdom that got attacked and she had to protect it. Then some stuff went down, and she got betrayed all turned all evil and vengeful. You know, the typical first roommate story: everything is great and you’re innocent, then you find a used condom in the washing machine and it makes you do evil things—like replace their skim milk will whole milk and run all their jeans through the dryer to make them shrink.

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Via: Buzzfeed

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  1. jonathandavis

    looks terrible