This is a video of comedian Toshiaki Kasuga getting the wake up call no one ever wanted ever ever. It’s even worse than my big brother jumping up and down on my hitting me in the face with a pillow while my little sister flashes the lights on and off screaming “FIIIIIIIRE!” I’m a heavy sleeper. So heavy in fact, there were times I’ve been pronounced dead. The Japanese TV show Dokkiri Award aka Surprise Award got Toshiaki to sleep at the foot of Mt. Fuji in a small cabin rigged with all kinds of bungee cords attached cranes. How did they manage to get him in there? They got him drunk. Basically the best way to get anyone to do anything. The next morning, his bed ignites with fireworks and he’s shot through the roof and 50 meters into the sky above him. Watching the video I’m suprised there’s not vomit/piss/doo-doo spewing everywhere. That man must have a stomach/bladder/butthole of steel.

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