Everyone loves to have fun, not only on April fools day! Cracking jokes with others is a good idea that can help lighten the mood.

However, hilarious pranks are an entirely different category. They might require some serious preparations. If you want to step your prank game up, you have come to the right place.

Are you a member of the “pranking community”? Or maybe you are a former victim looking for a prank idea that will be ideal for an act of revenge? Every prank on our list will be great in both of these situations!

Here are the best, funny pranks to pull on your friends, family, and co-workers! Follow us as we take a look at some easy pranks you can pull off anytime!

Fake Urine Prank

It is one of the best April fools pranks to pull. While everybody will be busy throwing balloons filled with water at each other or doing other basic pranks, feel free to do something more daring.

Try filling your balloons with fake urine instead of water! This funny prank will make your loved ones go crazy, we promise!.

To make this prank work, you can buy synthetic urine products or spray your water balloons with urine odor. Then all you have to do is wait for the person you want to prank to show up! Hilarious April fools day guaranteed!

Nicolas Cage Toilet Seat Prank

Nicholas Cage is well-known for his unique facial expressions. Thanks to this, he became the icon of pranks. There is even a whole pranking type called “Caging.” You can see many films regarding this phenomenon on YouTube.

Our toilet seat prank is from this group of practical jokes. It is also one of the best office pranks you can do to your co-worker.

You need to print out the face of Nicholas Cage with some goofy expression and put it on the toilet seat. All set! Now everyone will have a chance to look Nicholas Cage in the eye in private!

Voice-Activated Machine

The next office prank joins our list, and it is really good. However, your office friends might disagree.

When some new machine is brought into the office, there are many ways to take advantage of that. Putting up a sticker that says “voice-activated” might be the best of them all.

Sit back and enjoy the view as the people in your office will try to say ‘Cappuccino’ in multiple ways in front of the new “voice-activated” coffee maker. If you are looking for some office pranks to pull in your work, this is a good prank for you!

“Fill It up” Prank

This harmless prank is one of the most popular car pranks of all time. For example, many famous athletes were either victims or pranksters involved in a popcorn prank. It can be one of the most popular pranks ever!

What is great about it is that only your imagination is stopping you. Balloons, confetti, and many more things can be used to fill the car of your friend! Get creative and have some fun. Bonus points if you will use duct tape or toilet paper to cover your friend’s car!

Watered-Down Drink

To do this prank, you need to get some food coloring and an empty juice bottle. Next, all you have to do is fill up the bottle with water and add a few drops of food coloring!

It is one of the best pranks to play on your friends and family! Your unsuspecting brother, who always used to take your drink, is in for a surprise when he will try your new “juice” you left in the fridge!

Wallpaper Prank

If your siblings or parents are not doing so well with modern-day technology, this prank will be great for you. It works exceptionally well on people of an older date as they will not know what is going on.

The first step to do this prank is to copy the wallpaper your family member uses a few hundred times and make a wallpaper slideshow of the same picture. However, slightly change one of the wallpapers. Do it funnily and creatively!

This operation will result in no visible change on the monitor until the changed picture comes on. If you have managed to do this right for a few seconds, you should enjoy the look on your loved one’s face! Harmless pranks like this are the best!

The Bottom Line

Whether you will do your pranks the first time or are already an experienced prankster, remember that it is all about having fun! Your tricks are supposed to bring joy and laughter, not pain. Be careful not to hurt someone.

Now you should know how to make a fool out of someone. Make sure to use the pranks we listed above. Post the video on how you prank your friends on Youtube or share some photos on Facebook and Instagram!

However, you do not want to pull a prank on your friend who is having a horrible day. Assess their mood correctly before you proceed to action. May your next trick be the best prank ever! Good luck!

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