New Jersey makes for an exciting destination, as it has a number of attractions to draw you into its charm. Nicknamed the Garden State, New Jersey is full of natural wonders for you to visit and stare in awe at. But if nature is not really for you, there are plenty of other options as well! New Jersey is extremely diverse in its attractions and it certainly has something that will make you want to book a trip straight away.


As with any trip, you should plan ahead what attractions you’ll want to visit to make sure you can get to them. If you need some help choosing, then this guide will help you to do just that.


1.   Dolphin Watch at Cape May


Watching dolphins in their natural habitat is a breathtaking experience that you do not want to miss out on. Take a two-hour boat ride from the shores of Cape May and keep your eyes peeled for the bottlenose dolphins that live in the waters. The boat leaves in the evening, so the trip takes place during sunset, giving you gorgeous golden views the entire time. Don’t worry if you get a little hungry either; the boat offers food and drink for purchase, so you can have a wonderful evening all round.


Whether it’s with your family or for a romantic date, a boat trip to see the dolphins will be a highlight of your visit to New Jersey.


2.   Manhattan Skyline Cruise


North New Jersey is extremely close to New York City, so you may as well take advantage of this and take a trip to the city too! On a Manhattan Skyline Cruise, you can sail past the most famous landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. Traveling by boat is a great way to admire the views of these astonishing landmarks, and you can avoid the rush of the city and relax on the calming boat ride. If you plan to stay longer, check out this NYC Neighborhood guide for more information.


3.   Hoboken Walking and Food Tasting Tour


Experience the delicious food the New Jersey city Hoboken has to offer through a guided tour. Instead of wandering the city yourself, unsure of the best places to try out, you can follow your guide, who is an expert on the local food. They will help you to find restaurants that you would have never found on your own. This two-and-a-half-hour tour is essential for any food lovers who want to experience the true taste of New Jersey.


4.   Liberty National Golf Club


All golf fans will love the experience you can get your hands on at the Liberty National Golf Club. With gorgeous views and all the facilities you need for a great game of golf, this golf club is your one-stop for all your sporting needs. This location even offers spa services and has a restaurant. After a long day of swinging your club, you can have a delicious meal and receive a relaxing spa treatment, so you are raring to go for the next destination on your New Jersey trip.


5.   Poltergeist Interactive Escape Room


If you are looking to add something a little spooky to your itinerary, then this haunted house escape room is what you have been searching for. Team up with your friends and family to solve the interactive puzzles and escape the room; this will certainly test your brainpower and assess how well you work together. Book ahead of time and get that spooky experience you have been craving.


6.   Pinelands Adventures


Get stuck into New Jersey’s rich and natural history at Pinelands Adventures. Learn all about the stories of pirates and pioneers among the pines, and explore the winding rivers and ghost towns that are littered along the trails. Take a guided tour and discover the deep history of the pine forests or explore it by yourself by taking a hike. Either way, Pinelands Adventures can offer you an escape into the natural world; it will be a well-received break from the hustle and bustle of city life.


New Jersey is a state with many wonderful attractions on offer, whether you are looking to explore the natural country, get hands-on with sport or have a spooky experience, it has something that will pull you in. Its unique charm and history make it a marvelous place to visit.



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