This is a portable bidet. It’s tiny enough to carry around in a pocket or handbag and fits onto a water bottle so you can squirt your nether regions on the go! Wheeee! Look, I’m all for keeping your undercarriage hygienated or whatever, but this is just silly. 2-ply works great and if that just doesn’t cut it for you, baby wipes will do the trick. Another idea: if you’re such a stickler for cleanliness stop using the public restrooms! I’ll bet the same person who’d use a portable bidet is also the type who thinks it’s more cleanly to hover over the seat while they do the biz. If that method is more sanitary (it’s not — it’s only good for building upper thigh strength) it’s only beneficial to the person hovering. Everyone else? We have the deal with a stranger’s piss and shi shi all over the seat because Mr. Clean over here’s got bad aim! SO WHO’S THE NASTY ONE NOW? (Me, it’s me. I used the commode just after a hover-er and sat on top of their butt crumb mess. Annnnd there’s no TP in this stall. Little help?)

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