If you’re not the proud owner of a recreational vehicle then you’re stuck camping in a tent on the ground exposed to all the bugs and animals like a chump. PSYCH! You’re no chump! (Except you are because you totally fell for my psych out.) Point is, you don’t have to camp on the ground where coyotes can lay eggs in your hair or whatever. (Look, I’m not a biologist. I just know that the woods are scary and that I should avoid them.) Instead get yourself a Tentsile Tent, which is kinda like a regular tent that’s been bitten by a radioactive hammock. Available in 2 person, 3-4 person, and 5-8 person sizes, Tentsile Tents will keep you and your camping buddies comfortable and safe. Not as comfortable and safe as you’d be if you stayed at home and built a blanket fort, but whatevs.

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