There’s probably nothing more pure or fun than just getting out there with your family and friends for a camping ride.  Motorcycling and camping both allow us the freedom to explore and to experience the great outdoors and nature directly.


But riding and camping takes a little more planning than just turning up at a hotel or motel. This type of trip takes serious preparation and basic needs.


Basics when preparing for motorcycle camping


Preparing for a motorcycle camping trip involves more than just creative packing. So the first thing bring in your mind is what are you basic need for going on a camping? There are a number of considerations that you will want to have covered before setting off.


  1. Luggage


The first thing you’ll want is a good set of luggage. Yes, you can stuff everything in a big plastic bag or a trash bag and strap it to the back of your bike. Keep in your mind that the type of motorcycle luggage you use can affect your comfort and even your safety. There are the three most popular choices of luggage when it comes to motorcycle touring.


  • Hard luggage


There is some different kind of hard luggage like: whether fiberglass, plastic or aluminum, factory-designed or aftermarket, hard luggage uses mounting systems that hold it securely in place. The main advantage of hard luggage is they are quickly detachable and lockable. It has some type of locking system for your leather bags.


  • The leather luggage


Leather bags have been used on motorcycles for nearly 100 years. If you are riding a cruiser or a vintage bike, chances are you are you are looking for the leather to outfit your bike. Probably the biggest plus to leather luggage is the visual appearance. They are classic like a well-worn set of leather bags. Of course to keep them looking good and waterproof, you are going to have to spend some time cleaning them with saddle soap and treating the leather with a good preservative.


  • Textile luggage


Textile language is a most popular choice when it comes to motorcycle camping. Because it is durable, can be waterproof and most importantly, inexpensive or affordable.


  1. Tent


Unless you are planning to really get back to basics and use a tarp tied to your bike to sleep under, a decent Coleman tent is essential . Make sure you get one with a waterproof floor or groundsheet and take metal stakes to fix it down and a driver.  Pick the size of tent according to your needs even if you are travelling solo, a two or even three-man tent will give you the space you need to hold your clothes and luggage as well as you, and won’t take up much more space than a one-man tent. Make it sure to try setting up the tent in the store or at home rather than working out how to set it up in the dark at your first camp site. Family tents, expedition tents, backpacking tents, there are so many choices out there. The main important thing is when you are picking a tent find the one that fits your needs when it is set up and fits your motorcycle when it is packed.


  • Family tents


These are typical tents which usually hold anywhere from two to six adults.


You can find them at our site.


  • Expedition tents


They are the best choice when it comes to motorcycle camping.  They are typically divided into two sections a sleeping area for two or three adults. Large doors on it allow you to ride your bike right inside to protect it from the weather. One clear advantage is it provides you with a dry place to service your motorcycle in the event of a storm. Pack size is smaller than a family tent, but still on the large end of the scale.


  • Backpacker tents


These tents are lightweight, compact and versatile, and therefore a good solution for solo travelers and motorcyclists who do not plan to spend more than one night in one place. They are very small in size so you don’t expect to have room for anything inside the tent other then you and your sleeping bag.


  1. Sleeping bag


Even if you have a tent, you also need a sleeping bag. Even in the hottest of days, the nights can get cold, and no one likes to shrivel in their motorcycle jacket all night. Sleeping bags are considered as one of the basic need to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.  Choosing the right one is essential, so for your comfortable make sure you choose the one that fits your needs.


  1. Cooking


If you decide you are going to be cooking then choose a cooking stove. These come in many shapes and sizes, but we recommend a small and lightweight one that does not take up too much space. And make sure you have some dishwashing materials.


  1. Clothes


Of course, you’ll need to bring clothing. When you are going to wear the same clothes for a few days, and they will get smelly and dirty at the end.  So just bring your basics, and bring some pack of clothes taking into account the climate you’ll be experiencing. Make sure your clothes and essentials are in a rain-proof bag.


The Core Essentials


Humans need three basic things for survival: food, water, and shelter. It’s up to you how best to find the first two.  For packing remind one thing in your mind that the space is limited so be efficient and don’t fill up every available space. Pack a pair of comfortable sneakers. Your feet will thank you for getting them out of those motorcycling boots. Portable solar charger for your mobile phone is also essential for your camping. Plus pack a flashlight, spare batteries, water canister and insect repellent. When packing, regardless of using hard or soft bags, try getting the heaviest items closest to the center of gravity. Make sure the bags are balanced out with weight, and keep similar items together, such as a sleeping bag and clothes, or a tent and tools.


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