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The one and only time I tried to get freaky at 30,000 feet, I ended up vomming. Everywhere. I blame turbulence and the distinct, nauseating smell that only exists in an airplane lavatory and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MY BOYFRIEND’S PERFORMANCE. (The experience really gave him a complex.) Thankfully (?) the people over at Flamingo Air offer trips exclusively for joining the Mile High Club. That’s right — for only $425 you can have sex in the sky just like birds do! The deal includes an hour long flight in a rickety-ass airplane, champagne, chocolates, a weird bed-like area where couples  before you have done the dirty and nothing but a curtain separating you and your lover from the pilot. All in the name of being able to say you are a member of the Mile High Club. Totallyyyyy worth it!

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