Are you a sun-lover who wants to escape the long-term cold weather and constant snow in the winter season? Phoenix, Arizona is waiting for you!

According to the National Climatic Data Center, Phoenix receives more sunshine than any other major metropolitan region in the US. The city is renowned for its culture, art, and diversity of resorts and dining.  The top tourist attractions in Phoenix such as hiking, exploring architecture, and visiting top-notch museums are worth visiting to enjoy.

Tourists mostly visit Phoenix to enjoy the sunny outdoors due to the normal temperature of the city.  The city allows you to enjoy multiple outdoor activities like paddle-boating, cycling, camping, balloon flight, and more.

Wondering what should you do in Phoenix? Let us walk you through top tourist attractions and the best things to do in Phoenix that you must not miss during your next trip to the city.

Hiking and Landscape Exploration

Looking for a Phoenix adventure tour? Phoenix hiking trails are calling you as there are numerous hiking opportunities in or around the city.

Phoenix provides a full range of hiking trails for hikers of different levels. The more adventurous hikers can enjoy hiking at Camelback Mountain while the Papago Park and the Lost Dog Wash Trailhead are suitable for nature lovers with easy trails. Mormon Trail and Pinnacle Peak offer a challenge for medium-level hikers.

The Sonoran Desert is a biological wonderland containing various species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and plants. It not only offers a perfect hiking opportunity for thrill-seeker tourists but also allows them to discover the exceptional landscape.

Desert Botanical Garden

The place comprises about 50,000 plant varieties spread on a vast area of about 140-acre botanical garden.  For plant lovers, you’ll find thousands of cactus species, flowers, and trees from all over the world.  The garden provides relaxation by connecting you with the natural plant life with multiple varieties.

The Desert Botanical Garden delivers workshops and events on different topics, including desert landscaping and horticulture.  It has also organized acoustic outdoor concerts and art exhibitions since 1978.

Arizona Science Center

Enjoy approximately 300 interactive sessions on Biotechnology, magnetism, and human psychology in Arizona Science Center, Phoenix.  The center organizes state-of-the-art events across the year, such as Snow Week, Weird Science Halloween, and Science with a Twist.  An IMAX theater and a giant planetarium are also present for providing a perfect family activity.

Pueblo Grande Museum and Cultural Park

Tourists have labeled the site a ‘hidden gem’ to appreciate its well-maintained grounds and museums.  Pueblo Grande, a National Historic Landmark, is worth visiting for history and archeology lovers.  Visit the museum to discover the remains of buildings, storage complexes, and playgrounds.

Phoenix Art Museum

The 203,000-square-feet building of Phoenix Art Museum (the largest art museum in the southwest) is enough to depict its artwork’s excellence. Around 18,000 artworks are displayed in the Museum. A diverse collection of art exhibiting European Renaissance, the Far East, and the American West is also present in the Phoenix Art Museum.

The museum remains open from 10 am to 5 pm from Thursday to Sunday and from 10 am to 7 pm on Wednesday while it remains closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Phoenix Zoo

Phoenix Zoo is the home of approximately 1400 animals and endangered species. The most famous being Sumatran tigers, baboons, Galapagos tortoises, and Orangutans. Clean and well-maintained grounds, safari rides, play areas, and 4-D Theater are the other fun activities your children can enjoy at the zoo. Moreover, the ‘Monkey Village’ will amuse you with the entertaining activities of monkeys.

Chase Filed

It is located in the downtown area, a block south of the Arizona Science Center.  The child-friendly environment of Chase Field and its retractable roof makes it a perfect place to visit.  Watching the Arizona Diamondbacks play at Chase Field is a beautiful experience, even if you aren’t fond of baseball.

The park’s outstanding facilities, such as the lifeguard-staffed pool and hot tub, receive much appreciation from tourists.  You can visit the ballpark even if you aren’t there for a game.  However, the tour schedule can vary depending on game schedules.

Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright adored the Sonoran Desert; therefore, he selected this place of 600 acres area as his “winter home.” He constructed numerous architectural apartments, studios, and theatres in Taliesin West (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and is still being used as an educational place for architects.

Tourists commend the attraction’s beauty, thus tour guides named it an “architectural gem in the desert.” They claim that you don’t need to be an architecture enthusiast to enjoy a tour here as the proper guidelines at each step are enough to make the tour memorable for you.

Scenery surrounding Phoenix Arizona United States. Sunset.

Children’s Museum

Children’s Museum is one of the best places to visit in Phoenix Arizona for your kid’s entertainment. It offers a great variety of fun activities, including climbing, drawing, designing, pedaling, etc. The Museum pays enormous attention to early childhood education by coaching through playing.

The Climber in Children’s Museum is the first exhibit on entering that allows kids to climb through all three stories of the building. The Art Studio on the second floor provides all the art activities for children like finger paint and art on scrap paper using different colors. Similarly, the third floor is packed with many other activities for children under 18 months, such as The Book Loft, The Grand Ballroom, The Lan’s Corner, and The Noodle Forest.

Camelback Mountain

It is one of the highest peaks and the most beautiful hiking spot in Phoenix. The best time for hiking at Camelback Mountain is morning or later in the afternoon when the desert heat becomes endurable. However, managing your water intake by drinking enough water can reduce the heat effects.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A 360-degree view of Phoenix through the Hot Air Balloon ride is an excellent experience. The pilot constantly points out desert flora and fauna, sometimes even a closer view. You might see jumping deer, javelina, coyotes, and roadrunners during your ride. The flight duration is around 1 hour but may vary depending upon the weather condition.

Canyon Lake and the Dolly Steamboat

One of the unique experiences in Phoenix is to visit Canyon Lake. The breathtaking view of the lake makes you relax. Thus, you shouldn’t miss the visit when you are in Phoenix. The lake is a habitat for many wildlife species such as desert bighorn, eagles, reptiles, and amphibians. The tour doesn’t need any skill or experience, and you can still enjoy just following the guidelines of your trip advisor.

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