Thanks to hipsters everyone these days thinks irony has something to do with stupid t-shirts and ugly sweaters, but in the 90s we were even more confused thanks to Alanis Morissette. The definition, in case you’re still fuzzy, is simply something happening that’s the opposite of what you expected to happen—usually making the situation kind of funny. A black fly in your chardonnay? That’s not the opposite of what’s expected or funny—it just sucks. Luckily Rachael and Eliza Hurwitz changed up the lyrics to fit the real definition. In the case of the chardonnay, they point out that it’s only ironic if the chardonnay was specifically purchased to repel black flies. Watch the video to get that song stuck in your head all day learn the proper context of how to use the word ironic.

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Via: The Awesomer