These days there are many ways to earn money. If you have good skills then you don’t need to work for 9 to 5 daily. You can find many ways to earn money through the internet. Nothing is impossible these days. Or if you are not satisfied with the salary you get, then also you can generate some passive income.

Online streaming could be a good source of passive income if you like to play online games such as Apex, Call of Duty Warzone, Cs: Go. Streamers make a huge income if they know how to play. At first it can be challenging but after some time you will get used to it and your skill will grow. Most of players use cheats, like Apex Legends Hacks Cheats or Call of Duty Cheats, but it’s on you, It can be useful at the beginning to understand the game mechanics but then, you will have to play fair if you want to proceed

Nowadays people play games to earn money, people do freelance to earn money, people also earn through investing. So, it is common these days, if you listen about someone that he is earning money by playing games.

In this article, we will know more about the earning that people generate through playing games online. Let’s talk about the types of games that we can play online to earn money. So, there are so many times of games through which we can generate passive income.

We can play space shooter games to earn money, we can play rummy as well as poker to earn money. So, there are many types of games through which income can be generated.

The process to earn money by playing online games

There are several ways through which we can earn real money by playing games online. Some of the games have a higher risk of losing money as well if we can’t play these games better and win. Here we will talk about the procedure that we need to follow so that we can generate some passive income.

1.Registering on an online platform

Some games are only present on the platforms that provide so many games in one application. So, before we directly start playing games on these platforms. We need to register on these platforms by downloading their application. We need to register on these platforms by providing our email address or mobile number.

After we register on these platforms then only, we will get the chance to play games online.

2.Creating a wallet

After we will register on online gaming platforms, then we will also have to create a wallet. Because the amount of money provided by online gaming platforms is very less and we cannot play more than 1 to 2 games through that money. So, we have to create a wallet to add money.

Once we will create a wallet then we have to add money there. With the help of this money only we can play more games to earn money. However, there is no such guarantee that we will earn money only, there is also the chance of losing money if we lose games.

3.Adding pan number and bank account

These online gaming platforms also ask you to add the bank account and pan number. So, we have to add a bank account as well as a pan number to these platforms. If we will not add a bank account and pan number, then there will be no chance of creating a withdrawal for the money we earned.

So, to transfer the money earned by us, we need to add our bank account number and pan number.

Note: We should be always aware of the risks of playing games on online gaming platforms. There is also a risk of losing money instead of winning.

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