Hmmmm… looks yummy, and it must be real good bite! Wanna have it with a cup of coffee? Well, of course, you gonna do it, unless someone puts your coffee mug a bit away from it with the mouse placed on it!

What! Are you kidding with me? I almost gulped it! Unless I didn’t gripped it to hold, just to realize it’s an amazing mousepad! Yeah, that’s the perfect gift for your colleague at your workplace. There are plenty of things you used probably to get the work from your colleagues! And now you must be thinking how to cheer up your work environment…

Well try these quirky unusual, unique yummy choco-chip looking cookie mouse pad out! They are real ‘out of the box’ thought to give a weird feel to your co-partner at office.

Feeling like playing a nasty prank with your co-colleague to lighten a heavy serious atmosphere? Put it, in front of his/her desk close to the laptop near the mouse just aside the coffee mug! Wow, that must seem real delicious!!!! Time to eat a cookie, GNOME GNOME!!!

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