If you are anything like us, then traveling is in your blood. 


You want to see as many places as you can and have as many experiences as you can get. 


If your vacations don’t consist of days of lying on a beach somewhere hot, but instead of visiting multiple cities, then you are probably one of those people that try to include numerous places to see in just a few days. 


If you are planning your next trip, and according to the schedule, you only have 24 hours in Chicago, keep reading this article because we are going to help you explore the Windy City in this short period of time.


The first thing that probably comes to your mind is a bus tour, and this is our first suggestion. 


These tours with a local guide are the best way to go sightseeing, especially if you haven’t done your research on what places to visit. By going on this tour, you will see many tourist attractions such as Adler Planetarium, Art Institute, Skydeck, and so on. 


The best part is that you are going to hear some basic information and fun facts about these places from your tour guide. On the other hand, if you want to experience more than just mere sightseeing, let’s discuss some places you can visit.


First of all, you can head to the Field Museum of Natural History. Since it is one of the largest museums of this type in the world, it is natural to assume that there are many diverse exhibitions that will take your breath away, especially if you are a history geek. Who doesn’t want to see the largest T-Rex skeleton in the world? Plus, there is an ancient Egyptian tomb and over 20 real mummies. That is something that you don’t get to see every day, right? You can also go on an Underground adventure, shrink to the size of a bug, and explore that world from that perspective.


If you are traveling with kids, you cannot go to the Field Museum and not visit the Shedd Aquarium. It is located on the Museum Campus, along with the natural history museum and Adler Planetarium. Today, there are over 1,500 animal species. Here, you will see Beluga whales, dolphins, sea turtles, fish, but also birds, snakes, insects, and so on. Give your children a chance to get familiar with animals that otherwise they might not have the chance to see up close.


Furthermore, you cannot miss the chance to visit another great landmark of Chicago – Millennium Park. You can spend a warm afternoon walking around, enjoying the sight of beautiful gardens and flowers, and see the Crown Fountain which is actually a video sculpture and that has become one of the main features of this area. Also, while here, you have to see the Cloud Gate aka the Bean. The surface of this enormous sculpture, made of stainless steel, reflects the city’s skyline making it a unique spectacle. Because of this feature, it is one of the most popular places in the Windy City and it provides the tourist with an opportunity to take wonderful, artistic photographs.


In addition, you have to explore the Chicago Cultural Center that opened in 1897, and there are so many different things you can do here, free of charge. If you want to learn about the architecture, you can go on a 60-minute guided tour and stand beneath the magnificent Tiffany dome, get close to colorful mosaics, and learn about the history of the center. On the other hand, you can attend a classical concert or some other type of art exhibition. Finally, you can go on a tour and explore the city’s underground pedestrian system.


Moreover, go and take a walk on the Navy Pier which is the leading entertainment attraction in the whole of Chicago. There is a Children’s Museum where they will have a blast digging for dinosaur bones, have fun in the water playground, and make a ton of DIY projects. Another iconic landmark is located here – The Centennial Wheel. Due to its height of almost 200 feet, you will have an astonishing view of the entire area and Lake Michigan from its top. 


If you want to have an unforgettable experience, you should definitely go on this ride. This place also offers a peaceful area and that is the Crystal Garden. There are over 80 palms trees in this botanical garden and it is also decorated with twinkle light to provide you with the best possible experience. If you want to end your tour with a movie, you can do it here. There is the AMC IMAX Theatre where you can catch the latest blockbusters.


Another memorable experience is seeing the world beneath your feet – literally. Go to the Willis Tower, because its observation deck, called the Skydeck, it the highest in the US. Even though it is located on the 103rd floor, the elevators will take you there in just 60 seconds. There is also a glass balcony called “The Ledge” which gives you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see the people and streets below you.


Finally, there are two more things that you have to do before leaving Chicago. 


Firstly, you have to eat the Chicago-style deep dish pizza. It can also be prepared as a stuffed pizza, and believe us you have never tried anything similar. 


Secondly, you have to go out in the evening and enjoy live blues or jazz music, whichever you prefer. 


The two most famous clubs are Buddy Guy’s Legends and the Jazz Showcase. 


Artists perform every night, so you don’t have to be worried about whether or not you will have a chance to explore this side of Chicago. Just find a club that is near you, go out, and spend a great evening sipping your favorite drink with the locals. Who knows, they might tell you some interesting stories.


To sum up, we have made a list of eight things that you can see and experience when visiting Chicago. However, it all comes down to your personal preference and what type of things you are interested in. Whatever you choose, we are sure that you are going to have the time of your life.

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