The steady rise of digital space has revolutionized almost every aspect of human life. Today, you can simply get hold of your computer and perform every activity of your choice, with the click of a single button!

This quick and dynamic way of conducting operations works wonders – especially when it comes to planning, scheduling, organizing, and managing grand events.

Be it a housewarming party, an official function, a wedding ceremony, or a business workshop; digital architecture can quickly help you prepare lists, buy supplies, define budgets, order food, and even send out invites.

In fact, in recent times, online invitations have replaced their traditional counterparts in about 47% of all major events. Do you know why? It is because there are 7 specific things that an e-invite can accomplish, but a paper invitation cannot!

Here is a rundown of why making the switch to online invitations is the right move:

1. Online Invitations Enhance Access

In the modern, fast-paced world, people do not usually remain stationary. They shift cities, move houses, and keep chasing after one opportunity or another. In such an environment, sending a paper invite to their permanent home address is not always quite feasible.

Online invitations, simplify this task for you by significantly enhancing your reach and access. Even if people shift homes, their e-mail ids can almost always be traced via the cloud.

As a result, you can locate long-lost friends or family members and have them attend your event without any difficulty!

2. E-Invites Are Cost-Effective

As compared to their conventional, paper-based counterparts, e-invites are highly cost-effective.

You don’t have to incur needless expenditure in printing and mailing them. Rather, you can just avail the services of a free photo slideshow maker and prepare digital invites, which are absolutely free of cost.

On top of that, e-invites also save you the trip of physically going to a post office, buying postage stamps, and posting the paper invitations off to different addresses, where they may or may not reach!

In other words, digital invites are a cheap and secure form of delighting your guests.

3. Digital Invitations Are Environment Friendly

Paper is generally made of cellulose fibers which have been extracted from the pulp of strong wooden objects like trees.

However, the entire papermaking process is extremely tainted and polluting. Papermaking is responsible for destroying about 30 million acres of global forests, annually!

All digital invites are sent and received through the internet, and thus, they do not involve any sort of environmental contamination. This is why, with digital invitations in your kitty, you can indirectly contribute your bit towards saving the environment.

4. It Is Easier To RSVP

When you send out paper-based invitations, you can never be too sure whether everyone in your guest list has actually received them. It is even tougher for your intended guests to get back to you through the mail and indicate their willingness or unwillingness to attend.

Nevertheless, that is not the case with digital invites. The moment your guests receive an online invitation, they can immediately accept or decline it.

Consequently, within a short span of time, you can easily find out who is attending your event and who isn’t. This instant RSVP facility ultimately helps you organize your party in a much more efficient and conducive way.

5. Online Invitations Facilitate Customization

A number of people tend to choose paper-based invitations over other types of invites because they believe that paper offers them a unique way to experiment with their creativity.

However, the truth is that in paper invitations, you can only pick from amongst a handful of pre-designed invitation templates.

With digital invites, on the other hand, you can literally customize your invitation as per your heart’s desire!

Internet-based invites allow you to change colors, add patterns, write content, make slideshows and even attach images, thereby giving your invitations an immensely personalized touch.

6. Guest Management Becomes Simpler

Imagine you are organizing a large-scale event but have absolutely no idea about the profile, interests, and requirements of any of your guests!

The fact that paper invitations do not permit this information to come forth creates a situation where you are left entirely in the lurch. This is where online invites can quickly come to your rescue.

With tools like Excel spreadsheets and customized Google forms, you can easily collect the data of your guests and feed it into your computer system. You can also integrate this data with RSVP tools or apply analytical methods on it to derive any information that you deem fit.

This makes the management of your entire guest list a relatively uncomplicated and straightforward affair.

7. E-Invites Are Highly Resourceful

Finally, e-invites are quite resourceful in comparison to traditional paper invitations. In case of any error, you can comfortably update the invite without having to incur any extra cost.

You can even sync this invite with the social media profiles of your guests, thereby allowing you to remind them of the event well ahead of time.

More so, if your e-invites collaborate with different multi-media assets, your guests, too, can comment on and discuss your event. This doesn’t just create a sense of excitement but also equips your guests to get to know one another and make shared plans.

Wrapping Up

As times change, paper invitations will increasingly begin to pave the way for digital invites. Despite their nostalgic value, the sheer wastage associated with paper invites will eventually lead to their demise.

However, this does not mean that preparing or sending out e-invites would become an easy task. Devising them would require a certain degree of innovation and perseverance.

Therefore, whether as an individual or as a business, if you want to create digital invitations, it would be wise to use professional editing platforms like InVideo. You can create stunning and attention-grabbing invites for every kind of event with this invitation maker online free printable.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to digital invitations and get rid of all the hassles associated with paper invites now!


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