The popularity of true crime has increased enormously over the last few years as more and more people are becoming interested in the darker side of humanity. From a fascination with the psychology of serial killers to the incredibly creative and scientific ways law enforcement solve a variety of crimes, there is a lot to learn from these books, articles, and documentaries focusing on this genre. There are a lot of ways to gain knowledge in this sphere, for instance, getting bachelor thesis help on such kind of topic and whitepaper reviews.  If you’re a true crime addict perhaps you have considered a career in this field, or have already become something of an amateur sleuth? If so, here are six college degrees that could be ideal for you and help you turn your passion for criminology and justice into a career:

1.    Criminal Justice

Criminal justice degrees are great for those looking to work in law enforcement. They cover topics such as the history of the corrections system, basic criminology, and social psychology. This degree is a great way to introduce yourself to the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and is perfect for those looking to learn more about how law enforcement works both theoretically and practically. It can also lead to careers in other areas of the legal system, such as roles as an immigration officer, human rights, political advisor roles, and fraud investigation. For those looking to fit their studies around their current job, take a look at this online criminal justice associates degree for a more flexible approach to learning.

2.    Psychology

Have you ever wondered what makes a murderer kill? Why do certain people seem to show no remorse over their crimes? What drives a person to the edge? If this is the area of true crime that grips you, perhaps a psychology degree is right for you. The human mind is fascinating and it is interesting how different people who might have similar experiences react differently. Not only can a degree in psychology help you understand the criminal mind in more depth, but you can also use it to support others who have survived traumatic experiences or need help with other issues with their mental health. Even if you ask someone to write my essay during your difficult studies, you should also be able to write various research papers yourself.

3.    Forensic Science

DNA evidence is often the key to solving crimes, and as a forensic scientist, you will be looking at this as well as a range of other key pieces of evidence to piece together the puzzle. This job isn’t for the faint-hearted, as being a member of the forensics team will likely require you to be at the scene of the crime to collect evidence, and sometimes they can be graphic and gruesome. However, if you think you have what it takes to face up to the grim realities of crime, and you have a love of science and research, this could be a good career path for you.

4.    Journalism

Just because you love true crime doesn’t mean you have to become a detective or work within law enforcement. A lot of true crime writers have backgrounds in journalism, and this could be a great alternative career choice for those who want to know the true story of how a killer is caught or what happens when there is a miscarriage of justice. This isn’t an easy job, however. You must be prepared to answer tough questions, to face resistance, and sometimes aggression from people to get the facts. Studying a journalism degree can help you prepare for these kinds of situations, and teach you how to research properly and write with integrity.  It will guide you to understand every situation and improve your writing on that particular situation. As research is crucial in journalism so you cannot write anything from your imagination and research paper writing can assist you to properly create the case study.

5.    Social Work

It’s not always about being at the scene of the crime and interviewing suspects. Social workers play a huge role in helping vulnerable societies, and while it can be a challenging job, it can also be hugely rewarding. If you’re interested in justice and making sure vulnerable people are getting the care they need, a degree in social work could be the right path for you. You could even use your degree to become a criminal justice social worker and help a recently released offender’s transition back into society.

6.    Law

A law degree has always been prestigious and it can lead to many different career paths. There are various types of law you can specialize in as an attorney, and if you’re a true crime fan you might want to focus on criminal law. However, this degree can offer so much more, and you might find your interests lie elsewhere in the justice system. Either way, a law degree will open a lot of doors for you, and for that alone it’s worth pursuing.

If you want to turn your true crime obsession into a successful career, think about the degree options listed above. There are many paths you can follow, but these are some of the most interesting and obvious choices for an amateur sleuth.


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