Hundreds of generations have been studying by means of the usual model where you come to school, sit there for a set number of hours and then go home, to study more. And although the model was not perfect, it worked quite all right. 

The freshers of today have to be the Columbuses of the new education model – distance learning. It has flaws, too and students do claim it has been harder for them to keep focus. But at the same time, some say it’s more convenient and saves them time. 

On one hand, you have easy access to snacks in your pantry, while on the other hand, you have all the ease of distraction. In this article, we will talk about the things you can do to be good students and paper writers, even from home. Read on to find out!

Have a Plan

Having a plan is vital if you want to reach a certain goal. Have the goal written down and think about all the steps you need to take to make it real. When it comes to education, your ultimate goal is to graduate. But remember to do it one day at a time. 

It’s best to start planning your day every morning, soon after you wake up. Write down all your classes, assignment deadlines, homework for after school, and extracurriculars. Once you have a plan, it’s easier to divide your day and to see how much time you can spend on this or that task. This is one of the basics of time management skills mastering.

Try not to put too much on your plate, though. Keep in mind that it’s vital to take breaks and have at least an hour of free time in a day. If you want to watch dog videos after school is over, allow yourself to do it. Dog videos always make things better! 

Don’t beat yourself up over not starting your homework immediately. This leads us to the next point.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks is absolutely essential if you want your brain to cooperate and maintain its focus. Obviously, you cannot (and should not!) watch TV while your class is running. 

But when it comes to your free time and self-education, breaks are the key to your productivity. A 10-minute workout will not hurt and after it, you can come back to work refreshed.

Try the Pomodoro technique. Its efficiency has been proven many times over the years, in fact, you might have heard of it or tried it at some point already.

Treat It Like the New Normal

Temporary things often have a tendency to stick for longer than you’d expect. So, if you think ‘It’ll be over anytime soon’, you might get disappointed. Hence, treat it like your new reality. You didn’t go to school in your PJs, right? 

So, get dressed properly, even if you’re at home. Our brain associates routines and procedures with the following actions. Getting dressed for it means that you’ll go to school after. If you stay in your pajamas, you might never get in the productive flow.

The same goes for your workplace. If you stay in bed for the class because the teacher didn’t obligate you to turn on the webcam, you are highly likely to go straight back to sleep. 

Arrange a proper workplace for yourself that would signal your brain that it’s time to activate and learn. Before the classes start, make sure that you have everything you need at hand. Prepare your books and other course materials, get enough notebooks, and make sure your pen works.

Share Your Struggles

There’s nothing better than venting to a friend sometimes. Besides, this is how school friends become close – they connect over their shared struggles. So, if you’re having a hard time, don’t be afraid to reach out to people! 

The chances are, someone else is going through the same troubles. You might just let it all out or even get a valuable piece of advice. 

Don’t be afraid to let your parents know, too. They should understand you’re going through a completely different experience than what you’ve been expecting for your whole life. Parents can help you with advice, maybe do your homework with you like the good old days or even talk to your teachers.

Socialize & Go Outside

Don’t forget that humans do better in a crowd. Although the pandemic greatly limits our choices in terms of places to go, it doesn’t mean you should be stuck at home completely. 

If you’ve been isolating properly and you know a friend who has been doing the same, it’s ok if you two meet and go for a walk outside. It will give you some mental relief and a change of scenery is always useful.

Don’t forget that Covid spread prevention measures don’t stop you from just being outside for the most part. You can still go to parks, feed the ducks, walk the streets aimlessly, get a coffee to go, and just do all the things you would normally enjoy. It can be very helpful to just forget about everything, put on your favorite playlist, and walk. Maybe even run, if you like the activity. 

Now, there are many outdoor sports clubs and societies. They usually maintain social distancing so there’s no harm in joining one for a group session! 

Sports can boost your serotonin and being outside exposes you to vitamin D. Doing that regularly will help you feel better, more motivated, and refreshed. Sports have a whole lot of benefits for mental health, which in these uncertain times, is one of the most important things to keep in check.

Wrapping Up

Getting an education has never been easy but 2020 has completely turned things around for students. The best approach you can stick to is to accept the current reality, learn to adapt to it, and secretly hope that 2021 will treat us all better. 

Don’t forget to maintain your normal routines, not study in bed, and take regular breaks. Invite sports into your life, go outside, and plan your days for maximum efficiency.

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