Migrating to a new big city from a small town can be challenging for students. Such a confusing endeavour can frustrate them or frighten them. By taking some wise steps, students can avoid shame and hesitation while starting a new school in the big City. Here are X Helpful Hints for Shamed Students in a Big City.


  1.  Don’t feel small


You are speaking practically small town’s buildings are not as high as in the big cities. Also, small towns can be navigated easily as compare to big cities. So the fear of getting lost in the City raised. Students may get overwhelmed at first when they start their study life in a big city. But they should not fear or be indecisive because always there is help to give you direction also the blessing of technology invented many apps to help you find ways.


Moreover, you will encounter a sheer number of people who will inspire you. Also, there will be times when you will feel small as compare to other people. But do not let this feeling occupy you. As after attending your first class, you will start feeling spectacular, and with time, the experience will equip you with confidence that you need the most. Build confidence is the best idea to survive in big City.


  1. Meet people with shared interests


Isolation is not a solution when a student feels fear of unfriendliness in big City. Commonly, the student suffers loneliness when they come from a small town it happens because of the difference in interests and lifestyle. Wide range of passions and quirky interests frustrate them. But be positive you will find people to talk about your ideas and interests. People will become less daunting and more friendly all you need is to avoid culture shock and adopt the life of the big City. By doing this, you will feel less alone and misfit. Socializing is healthy step to survive in big city


  1. Take public transportation before you need it


A student may have a driver’s license, but public transport can help a lot in exploring the big City. Fear of getting lost in the City can happen, but if you take two-three trips through public transport, you will feel better. The student should Try to explore subways and buses; this will let you get familiar with the city points. Also, they can check the city transit website for details of routes and fares. Transit passes are available so students can travel safely. In some cities, student get discounts so students can enjoy the ride in less fare. 


  1. Plan more


Big city life comes with different challenges as students cannot depend on their parents. They have to do laundry and grocery shopping themselves, so it is essential to think twice before buying things. Make sure to purchase the necessary items and avoid spending money on unnecessary things. The urban life may encounter you with crowds and long lines to buy daily usage things. Also, traffic can be another hazard that can cause a delay. Student can plan for everything and leave earlier to save time. 


  1.     Things are much more expensive


City life is costly and can be tough for students. Things may cost much more than the small city market. But there are also markets where a student can purchase stuff at affordable prices. Before leaving the city student should do research and check the rates of the things so that they make a safe move with sufficient money for big-city survival. Also, do not lose hope as there are several ways to survive in urban areas.


  1.     Self-expression is easier


Simplicity is the trade feature of small-town life so that a student can face judgment. But busy city life is different as people pay less attention to what others do. So yourself is the rule that can save the person. Also, by accepting true self can make a student stand out, and also it increases confidence. Try to express and be flexible in adopting a new lifestyle. Try not to disappear in the crowd of imposters. Also, in the struggle of mixing in something new can cost more than what the budget allows, so it is better to be yourself and show confidant that is all required for survival and acceptance. 


  1.        Make a budget


Accept reality and make a budget plan for the month and spend wisely. Big City offers many opportunities to students for earning and also more chances to spend that earned money. Clubs, theatres, Art galleries, restaurants etc. so the student should not lose control and spend eared money overnight and then roam around with empty pocket. 


  1. Be confident


Confidence is the vital part of the survival, so by following above mentioned advises student s can build confidence and endure the big city life. If they start feeling down and small, then there is a strong chance that they will get frustrated and become aloof. 


  1. Be open to extracurricular activities


Extracurricular activities allow students to communicate and get in touch with each other also, it breaks the barriers and builds confidence in students. They get a chance of making friends and increase a healthy social life.  


  1. Avoid bullies


Negative thinkers are everywhere, so try to ignore bullies. Consult your teacher for any severe threats or harassments. Be around people who share similar interests and spend quality time. Healthy activities like sports can provide chances of recognition and support. 


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