Running on a treadmill on a beautiful day seems like a shame when you could be enjoying blue skies and fresh air. So why not take the treadmill for a stroll? The Treadmill Bike sounds like a silly concept that could never make it off the drawing board, but it’s not only real, it’s functional—although, still a little silly, but what do you expect from the makers of the Couchbike? Check out the video to see the treadmill bike in action.

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  1. Artie

    HAHAH its nice but the way they did the commercial is so lame (you can take it on the bus?) the thing wont even fit and they cut off the video b4 they went inside the bus, not like it was gonna fit anyways, and the spinners r nice but the blue doesn’t match, you need silver or gold like color 4 that sorta bling, what next neon’s and a system?, keep it simple, and as for that guy saying i can carry it up the stairs he says while his friend laughs? Yeah if you can get that 30-40+ lb thing through the tiny door then u might have a friend help you carry it upstairs through the crowd of classmates laughing at u….nice but lame.

  2. Patty

    Did anyone see that Couchbike on the same site? Crazy!!