Whether this is your first time being involved in a motorcycle accident or if you have been involved in one before, it is important to know how to act and what to do. You may even need to contact a lawyer who specialises in these claims like Marc Lamber.

This can be the same if you are a motorcyclist or involved in an accident with one. It is important to stay calm and approach the situation with a calm and clear head. This article will give you some idea of how to act and what you can expect after being involved in a motorcycle accident.

Stay put and calm

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, then it is incredibly important to stay where you are. If you leave the scene without providing all of your details, then you could also be charged with a criminal offense. This is just the same as with car accidents. Failing to stop and exchange details will class you as a hit and run which can have serious consequences.

The consequences you could face include fines, penalty points on your license, or even face jail time. This is especially true if personal injury or death is involved. Fleeing even when it is just superficial damage to the car is still an offense.

Unsurprisingly, emotions will be high after an accident, but you should remain as calm as possible. Getting into an argument or getting angry will only make the situation worse and it can make the witnesses feel alienated. Staying in control of your emotions may even affect those around you which can calm the situation.

Check for Injuries

One of the first things you need to do is to check yourself and those involved for injuries. Checking everyone carefully is important to stop any deaths or serious injuries. You also need to remove any new and additional dangers.

If you are practiced in first aid, then you assess the situation before doing anything else. If you are going to put yourself at risk to try and help somebody else, then you maybe should leave it. You can phone the emergency service and make sure that the people who are most injured get immediate care.

Removing a motorbike helmet 

If another motorcyclist is injured at the scene, you should not take off their helmet. You do not know if they have sustained head injuries, so any movement could be dangerous and damaging to the victim. The only time you should ignore this advice is if they are not breathing. You should then remove the helmet and perform CPR.

What details do I need to share? 

If someone other than you is hurt or if there is damage to another vehicle or property then you need to share your name and address. The vehicle owner’s name and address and the registration of anyone involved also need to be shared. If you do not give your name and address, you must report the accident to the police as soon as possible and within 24 hours.

If someone has left the scene without giving their details, then you should let the police know. They may be able to track down the person and can help make sure that you are okay. People rarely flee from the scene if they have nothing to hide.

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Taking notes

You can make lots of notes about the accident. In fact, many would actively encourage you to do so as this can help your insurance claim. If you have a camera or phone, you should take plenty of pictures of the scene. Try and get a street name, junction sign, or distinctive landmark in the shots so that the location is identifiable.

If the state of the road or if the weather was a factor in the accident, then make sure to take photos and notes of this as well. Your insurance company will be able to help you know which photos are useful.

What should you report? 

You should report all accidents to your insurance company whether they are minor or major. Even if no one else is involved. This is because your riding history forms part of your profile which is what they rely on to create insurance costs. You won’t necessarily lose out, but it does mean you won’t get caught out by not declaring all damage.

Motorcycle accidents

Whilst everyone thinks that it won’t happen to them, motorcycle accidents are inevitable. You cannot control everybody else on the road and so even if you are the most careful driver, you can still get involved in an accident. Be prepared and look after yourself.

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