Car accidents are frequent in the US. From minor fender-benders to significant wrecks, the US Department of Transportation recorded 33,254 car crashes in 2020. Auto accidents can cause panic and trigger impulsive responses from people involved.

The guidance of an expert auto accident attorney could be valuable if you were involved in an auto accident. However, impulsive behavior could lead to mistakes with legal consequences. Ask yourself the question, “who should I call after a car crash?” before you take any drastic steps.

Not Contacting Law Enforcement

People involved in the accident should report the accident to the police. Law enforcement officers can help you prepare reports and make records of the timeline of the events. They can also provide additional support.

State police officers have the power to manage or stop any potential conflicts between the parties involved in the accident. Additionally, the police will collect valuable evidence from the scene.

Information like the names, addresses, and ID proof of the person who caused the accident and victim/victims is crucial. You should also read the reports to see if everything is in order and request a copy.

Fleeing the Accident Scene Before Law Enforcement Officers Arrive

Car accidents are overwhelming. Several people make the mistake of fleeing the scene before the police arrive. However, this act can seriously injure your position in court. Contact the police before leaving the car accident scene for medical treatment.

People who flee the accident scene may even face hit-and-run charges. The consequences can be especially severe if there are fatalities.  Under no circumstances is it advisable to leave the scene.

Unwillingness to Get Medical Treatment

All people involved in the accident should get immediate medical attention even if they have no visible injuries or noticeable pains. A trusted doctor will help you identify internal injuries, if any. Concussions, internal bleeding, contusion, and brain hemorrhage can have lasting consequences and become a potential threat to life.

Additionally, insurance companies usually mandate immediate medical checkups and treatment after a car accident. To be eligible for personal injury claims, you must submit medical records, receipts, and bills related to your injuries. These records are vital to recovering your treatment costs.

Failure to Document Events

It is vital to document the events and make written records of the accident as soon as you can.  Your car accident lawyer can help you record the events appropriately.

Victims may need these records to prove the “negligence” of the other party and for claim filing. Additionally, the records will also serve you well if you ever need to follow up on the case in the future.

Not Contacting the Insurance Company

Car accidents are eventful, and you might get busy with the law-enforcing officers, opposite parties, or medical treatment. People often forget to contact and inform their insurance company.

It is essential to inform your insurance company of the accident as soon as you can. Failure to notify the insurance company may be considered a breach of the agreement. It may lead to them denying your insurance claim or even lead to revocation of the insurance policy.

Settling for Less

When notifying their insurance companies, accident victims may give out unintentional misinformation to the insurance provider. The insurance provider can use this information against them to deny the claim or reduce the eligible compensation.

It is critical to contact your lawyer before getting into a discussion with the insurance company. Alternatively, you may ask your lawyer to lead the discussion with the insurance company.

Do not accept fast settlements from your insurance company before consulting with your car accident attorney. Fast settlements may seem helpful, but they may be a lesser amount than what you are eligible for.

Not Contacting Your Lawyer

The question “who should I call after an auto accident?” is probably on your mind if you were involved in an auto accident. The first person you should contact after a car accident is your car accident lawyer. An expert auto accident lawyer can help you with all legal aspects of car accident cases.

You will have to file several forms and submit relevant evidence to receive the settlement. Victims may even have to submit declarations stating that they will not seek further compensation. Your lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and help you minimize the legal hassles associated with the process.

Final Thought

The lawyer can also educate you on the legal provisions involved, the claim filing procedure and offer legal representation services to protect your rights. They can help you draft the best strategies to win the case and build a strong case in your favor.

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