The Scion TC engine can produce a minimum of 1,000 horsepower and can produce incredible numbers for their size. But you will need to make some modifications to your engine’s internals to achieve this or just get a newly rebuilt Scion tC engine,

We’ll keep it simple in this guide and explore the best turbo kits available to create a reliable, everyday setup for your tC.


Coilovers are available in many quality options and prices. Some of the less expensive options will work fine if you are just looking to reduce your daily driving time and improve handling. You can also choose Seat covers for UTV at a reasonable price with high quality to save your seats. To save money on future upgrades, however, you will want to spend more money on your coilovers if your suspension is going to be pushing its limits. We don’t recommend purchasing coilovers used. Rather, get a new set of coilovers and give them a good home. They will last for many years.

Aftermarket Exhaust Kits

Aftermarket exhausts are a great modification to make to your car. They replace the factory exhaust, give you a more powerful sound and improve flow.

Don’t get too excited about the power claims of most exhausts. They will only provide a small amount, so it is important to choose a setup that you love the appearance and sound. You should remember that exhausts can sound different depending on how they are viewed.

Although axle-back exhausts are cheaper, a cat-back with SBC headers online will run from your catalytic converter to the tip. This means there are fewer restrictions and therefore more power, as well as a better sound. If you want to increase the power even more, you can buy SBC headers online and get them installed. When watching videos, keep in mind that certain cars might have had other exhaust modifications (headers or high-flow cats).

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Aftermarket Turbo Kits

GReddy Scion tC Tuner Turbo Kit

This GReddy kit will allow you to increase your engine’s power by up to 100 hp. It also provides significantly better engine response.

GReddy has posted on their website that the company has stopped producing this kit. However, there are still many available at the various tuning shops in the US.

We believe that the GReddy bolt-on kit is the best value for money if you are looking for an off-the-shelf bolt-on kit.

It may be worthwhile to upgrade the hot pipe later in the line, but it is unnecessary.

ATP Scion tC Turbo Kits

ATP offers a variety of turbo options that will allow you to reach different power levels, up to 500 hp.

Be advised, that you will need significant engine upgrades if you plan to achieve 500 horsepower.

ATP’s setup integrates the most powerful Garrett turbochargers available. It is highly recommended, even if not a ‘full’ package.

Rev9Power Scion tC Turbo Kit

These kits can be a bit of a hit and miss. However, they can sometimes be used to make a partial custom kit or sell the less desirable parts for custom fabrication.

Although it is significantly less expensive than the Turbo Specialties kit, it will probably require more work to ensure perfect fitment.

Turbo Specialties Extreme Scion tC Turbo Kit

Turbo Specialties is often criticized for its intransigence. Unfortunately, this has led to a split opinion within the Scion tC community.

We appreciate their efforts but, as they are one of few companies still providing a complete kit for the Scion tC we expect you to have to make extensive modifications in order to get the best fit.


FASTWAYRACER acknowledges that this is a universal pipe kit, so be prepared for some modifications.

This is a costly mistake unless you are a skilled technician in the fabrication department. However, there are surprisingly many kits available for the price. It’s just not worth the effort.

Car under hood showing high performance transverse engine with tuning and modification, red, yellow, silver, chrome and carbon fiber clean parts

Final Thoughts

These kits may not be suitable for your budget or needs. We recommend looking at used kits. They can sometimes pop up in different marketplaces. Some of the most popular discontinued products have the best reputations for adding the kind of muscle you want for your scion to the engine.

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