Here's How Many Calories Are In A Human & More Incredible Links

Here's How Many Calories Are In A Human & More Incredible Links

This is how many calories are in a human in case you were wondering. But also, that’s weird. You shouldn’t be wondering that. [The Verge]

Two words: cat wedding! Three words and an emoji: I wasn’t invited 🙁 [The Dodo]

For those of us who are scared to check our respective bank accounts, here is a catchy little song for us. [Digg]

A roller skating rink in Los Angeles has a Harry Potter night. Accio roller skating skills! (Am I doing it right?) [Timeout]

This is what Bob Ross looks like to an AI on LSD. [Geekologie]

The science behind people who love to bake for other people. [Huffington Post]

A couple had their reception at In n Out. Love is real! Animal style is life! [Hello Giggles]

Behold! The Beastie Boys’ secret country album from the 90s. [Dangerous Minds]

Stop me if you heard this one: a horse was leaving Taco Bell and fell into a hole. IN REAL LIFE! [USA Today]

This link comes with a weirdly cryptic warning: Be careful ordering at restaurants. Spooky! [Pleated-Jeans]

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