15 Weirdest Etsy Finds

15 Weirdest Etsy Finds


We’ve never seen weirder items until esty gave creative artists a place to run wild. We’ve got a list of the 15 weirdest etsy finds complete with jewelry that resembles body parts, soap for gamers and very strange and unique pop culture references.

Doll Arm Earrings

We can’t think of anything creepier than tiny doll arms sticking out of your earlobes… well honestly we never would have thought of that in the first place, but of course someone on etsy did. If you think this is bizarre, then you probably don’t want to know what they did with the head. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you! Source

Xbox 360 Controller Replica Soap

It’s one thing when you proudly pronounce your fanboyism with a cool t-shirt or accessory, but soap? That’s a whole new level of obsession we just weren’t prepared for. If everything in your home needs to display your love for Microsoft, then you’ll love the Xbox 360 Controller Soap with realistic buttons. Of course since we’re talking gaming here, the soap is gently scented with Mountain Dew fragrance. Source

Carlos the Luchador Pillow

Cuddle up with Carlos the Luchador, an etsy pillow monster special. As if his face weren’t scary enough, check out those giant button nipples. Carlos is just one of many many dolls we never want to sleep with on etsy.

Intestines Necklace

We can only imagine that the intestines necklace was created to confuse and disgust… because why exactly would anyone want a detailed model of intestines around their neck unless they were some kind of sociopath right? Oh well, at least it comes in bright colors! That makes it cute and fun!

Jackalope Feltidermy

If you don’t get the desire to kill and mount animals to your wall, you might not get the desire to stitch them out of felt and do the same either. The Jackalope Feltidermy hand is made from turquoise and white felt and is mounted to a wood plaque and hangs proudly in your game room… which is used to play checkers and stuff, not store hunting trophies.

Ouija Board Lunch Box

If you thought it was creepy to keep a Ouija board in your attic, then you’re really not going to be crazy about carrying one around with you at all times. The Ouija Board Lunch Box in theory could be used as a Ouija board, except instead of using it on a stormy night at the campground, you can use it on a sunny afternoon in the cafeteria. Source

Bacon and Egg Jellyfish

Etsy artists love to crochet monsters and food, so the next logical progression would be food monsters. The Bacon and Egg Jellyfish looks as gross as it does appetizing. On one hand we love anything involving bacon and on the other hand we loath the bitter sting of jellyfish. We do wonder however if the tentacles of a Bacon and Egg Jellyfish would be crunchy and delicious or deadly. Source

Sexy Barbie Legs Jewelry Holder

Barbie’s head may have popped off long ago, but let’s face it, it wasn’t exactly her best trait. Barbie’s got great legs, which apparently make fantastic ring holders. One creative etsy artist repurposed her legs by attaching them to a beautiful vintage mahogany leaf tray. Her legs still bend and move as well as they ever did when she was intact. Source

Crocheted Boob Pillow

Not your Grandmother’s crocheted pillow… The Crocheted Boob Pillow looks like it would be really comfortable to lay on with soft contours and plenty of stuffing. Contact the artist for varieties in color and size. Source

Flatworm Plushy

Who doesn’t think flatworms are just the cuddliest of creatures? If you need a refresher in high school biology, flatworms, otherwise known as planarians show up a lot in science class experiments. That’s because planarians have the unique ability of growing a new head if you slice them in half, as demonstrated by this large semi-realistic pillow.

Weighted Companion Cube Earrings

I’m making a note here: huge success. To say that the game Portal has spurred a cult following would be a severe understatement. The sadistic sense of humor from the game won fans over. Now you can always have your weighted companion cube nearby for comfort. If you’re not in on the gag, well play portal because it’s a great game, then pick up these awesome Weighted Companion Cube Earrings.

Planter Feet

Hide these feet planters under a bush and give visitors to your garden a scare when they think someone’s hiding in the bushes. The Planter Feet make a cozy addition to the garden with a really natural earthy feel that will make you want to run around barefoot in the yard.

Zombie Wedding Cake Topper

Til death do you part doesn’t even cover it. The Zombie Wedding Cake Topper reminds you of the harsh finality of marriage through a scary, but somehow charming, undead couple. Their skeletons are exposed and they’re covered in blood and various stitches and display bullet wounds in their backs. Despite the grotesque subject matter the Zombie Wedding Cake Topper is actually quite beautiful with lots of color and detail.

Tom Selleck Mustache Necklace

We always kind of figured that Tom Selleck’s gruff facade has everything to do with the mustache and oh how we envy it. Finally women and young boys can experience first hand what it would be like to have a big bushy beautiful ‘stache. Now all you need is a Ferrari and you’re on your way to the Magnum P.I. lifestyle you’ve always yearned for. Source

Knitted Dissected Frog

If you object to dissecting animals, why not rip apart this kitted frog dissection. The frog is made from a silk wool blend that’s split open to reveal his wooly froggy insides. This poor little fella is pinned down to the board, just the way we remember (but tried to forget) in biology class. Source

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