With Texas being the second-largest state in the US, it is not a big surprise that Houston is a top destination to do business. The city is filled with many suburbs with promising potential for business expansions and growth plans. Houston’s favorable business environment has also attracted many Fortune 500 companies, so you can be assured that its economy has been growing stably.

Given the intense competition in virtually any industry today, Houston Web Design is now a key component in any business strategy. It is no secret that the online space is the best way to reach more customers and increase brand exposure, so capitalizing on digital technologies can help you stay ahead of your competitors. A website can help you achieve this, but only if it is optimized and designed properly.

Like other technologies, web design is constantly advancing. Thus, you can expect to see new trends come out every year. 2020, in particular, pushed many businesses to go online, so being the first to learn about 2021’s web design trends will be critical to maintaining a leading position in Houston. Check out some of this year’s top trends that can help your business grow further.

Retro Designs and Interactions

Web design may not just be all about aesthetics, but there is no denying the role that visual appeal plays a huge role in attracting users and maintaining their interest. For 2021, retro themes are noticeably making a comeback in the digital design world. This Houston Web Design trend comes primarily from the growing emphasis on creating a unique online experience for viewers. Businesses continue seeking for ways to stand out in the digital space, so retro designs are made to include unusual visual elements and interactions to grab users’ attention.

For example, in terms of typography, web designers are becoming more creative by exploring new styles and patterns to reimagine retro fonts. You can think of it as a mixing of the past and the present, where the retro theme gives a sense of nostalgia to the past but still introduces more modern techniques.

Parallax Animations

Animations have long been incorporated into Houston Web Design to create a more interactive user experience. Parallax animations, in particular, have long been used to provide more realistic and surreal experiences that draw users in. While the concept itself is not new, this year’s trend is all about learning how to use parallax without detracting users from important information or making it harder to perform certain actions. The animations do not have to be bold or grand–in fact, seamless integration will help you deliver your main points more effectively.

Voice-Optimized Interface

Voice searches have become the new normal, with more people switching to this convenient method to make searches and queries online, particularly in e-commerce sites. As users become more reliant on these searches, you must ensure your interface is voice-activated to support this feature. Technically speaking, this is also not a foreign idea to the web design world.

Web Designs Supporting a Cause

The pandemic has opened up the Internet to more social causes to help people out, especially at times of need. As such, web designers have taken it upon themselves to create more meaningful and authentic designs that support such causes. More specifically, companies are working more towards connecting their brands to users by taking an active stance against social and environmental issues.

Now, more than ever, the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is being emphasized in the online space. Businesses must center their web designs around their philanthropic efforts or community involvement to raise more awareness on such issues and resonate with users more deeply. To do this, many brands are utilizing bold and attention-grabbing visuals to send a clear message and promote their core values.


Scrolling is one of the most common user interactions in a site, so designers are paying more attention to how this can improve the user experience. They are putting more time on deciding how scrolling features, animations, and designs will best fit specific web pages and create unique layout shifts for site viewers. From scrolling cards to horizontal scrolling features, these subtle changes can make all the difference in your Houston Web Design.

Like any other year, 2021 has redefined the web design landscape, so staying updated with the trends always gives you new opportunities to explore. You may have noticed greater emphasis being placed on user experience and interactions through design this year, and this is no surprise as page experience is also highlighted in the latest SEO trends.

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