Today’s corporate world can always do with better training tools. And in this time of COVID, there is no better way than creating training videos to impart engaging, effective and fun and safe training. You don’t need to be present in an enclosed space for a face-to-face training at all.

Would you rather have new employees spend hours going through that towering and complex user manual to fix the TV in the presentation room? Or have your employees watch a helpful 5-minute video on the subject? In fact, organizations in the 21st century are preferring short but comprehensive training videos in favor of in-person training that takes hours to arrange and execute. A training video can help you reach out to fresh and veteran members of your team no matter what time, shifts, locations they belong to. Plus, these videos never really go out of style, with a higher than expected return on your investment when compared to other clunky and logistically involved training methods.

Since we have established that a video helps you condense a lot of actionable information in a very small package, they should be your number 1 priority for employee training processes. You don’t need something technical when a video can accomplish the same in a fun, simple and entertaining way. For example, you can put reams of data, that could otherwise occupy pages of boring and random numbers in a training manual, into a helpful little infographic in your video that can educate people in a better way.

Now we come to the main crux. How can you impart these engaging new learning experiences to your employees? By investing in high quality training video production services of course.

Today we will be looking at top 8 companies that can create amazing videos for you to help your employees get oriented with their responsibilities in no time.

But first, why should you use training videos?

Training your staff is easier said than done. But it shouldn’t be too difficult, thanks to video training. Let’s take a look at all the benefits you can get by investing in high quality video training services.


Want to save money? You can save tons by doing away with instructor-based training, with no need to hire resources and their upkeep. Employees don’t even need to attend a class when they can watch a video at any time they need!


There are so many video styles that you can choose to frame your training in a manner that is approachable, fun and instantly memorable. Choose from animation, live-action, and more. Shape your content with a style and approach that suits your goals best.


Looking to train a few team members or a whole company? A video helps you train them all with the prerequisite standard that you need. No compromises on performance or quality.


Did you know that you are able to retain 95% of the message in a video format vs 10% via a text? Quickly and effectively get your employees up to speed with instructive  videos!


The good thing about videos is that companies can make them available to their employees. Be it explainers, troubleshooting guides, or anything else, they are always available and easily accessible.

Top 9 Training Video Production

The benefits of going for videos in training employees is pretty much clear. And it’s time employers choose which training video production companies they can go with.


Motiongility was founded in 2015,. They deal in animated explainer videos. Their clients are Porsche, Pfizer, HDFC Bank, Oreo, Harley Davidson, Skrill and many more.

Kasra Design

Kasra Design is home to some award-winning animators, illustrators, and writers in the market today. Creating memorable and instantly recallable videos is in their DNA! That, combined with their professional pedigree, can help you make your decision easily.

The team at Kasra Design:

  • Ensures that all videos are customized and aligned with client’s brand identity and what they need to accomplish
  • Give your videos the quality and polish that lingers in viewers’ minds long after they have seen it.
  • Are all about offering the price-quality guarantee.
  • Offers an integrated video marketing strategy for all your business and training needs.


Established in 2009, Epipheo has made a name for themselves with quirky and memorable videos. Be it branded content, training videos, animated shorts, explainers, e-learning material and more, they ensure that the audience gets the clarity it needs.


This Cleveland-based company caters to non-profits, tech startups and ecommerce brands. Clum has made its name as a training video production company with an eye for live-action pieces. The 20-people strong team has executed a lot of original and creative video ideas for their clients.


Demoduck has become a trusted name for producing training videos related to the education and health care industries. The company has created cool and helpful animated pieces as well as live-action projects. Be it explainers, commercials, internal communication videos, and customer testimonials, Demoduck has done it all.

Studio B Films

With 20 years of storytelling experience under its belt, Studio B Films has solidified its bona fides as a premier producer of video content. The San-Francisco based company specializes in creating the most engaging web commercial, event sizzle video, corporate media communications, testimonial and explainer for their clients.

Laundry Lane Productions

This company employs a mixture of live-action shots and animated content to produce compelling videos aimed at fostering positive change in society. This Sydney-based video production company wants to capture the human angle of a story and invite a profound emotional impact from viewers. Laundry Lane productions wants to overcome communication challenges in the healthcare sector, by connecting the government, medical professionals, and everyday people on the same level.

JLB Media Productions

Looking to showcase your products? Trying to reduce your training costs? Helping your sales staff convert potential customers into paying ones? These are all the things that JLB Media Productions can help you with. The Los Angeles-based company employs a network of filmmakers throughout America, which can help you get down to business in no time.

Beverly Boy Productions

Want to go strictly with a cinematic approach while making employee training videos? Beverly Boy has proven experience in delivering instructional videos, educational videos, safety orientation training videos, and E-Learning videos that are suited to a specific approach that the client requires.

The Wrap

By now, you are aware of how an effective training process can go a long way in ensuring continued business success. Training videos and video production in Manchester help you align your teams, disseminate critical information, and grow your employees’ skills the way it’s meant to be.

So don’t wait up. It’s time to make great training videos!


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