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Businesses are able to read their customers via a CRM software called Salesforce. It offers a collection of services that assist organizations in different activities like advanced business analytics. If we come to Salesforce automation, it is about automating business activities such as inventory management, order processing and tracking, and sales service management.

The salesforce platform usually provides an email package, a specific database ready for the web, and flexible layouts. However, salesforce automation is not self-sufficient nor capable of carrying itself out.Testers use salesforce testing tools to automate their organizational activities.

Salesforce Testing

Salesforce testing is a thorough assessment via certain tools that can identify, cultivate, and transform leads without losing the level of customer satisfaction. Salesforce testing tools produce impressive ideas that can draw more clients and create future leads for a business. 

These tools automate not only the business’ sales process, but they can optimize service quality, lead management, quote development, order processing, and several other sales process-related activities. 

Here are the top 3 salesforce automation testing tools that are efficient and reliable, best suited for 2021.

ACCELQ- Codeless Automation

ACCELQ is one of the several salesforce testing tools which offer smooth, automated continuous testing to improve user’s business processes. It facilitates its users, aiming particularly at top-class salesforce services, to have the best out of their tests with management teams working on the cloud. 

Since ACCELQ is an official ISV partner for salesforce, its salesforce services are easy as they are cloud-based, automated, and codeless. It connects testers with direct scenarios using bots at the UI level to identify changes, elements, and documents.

ToutApp- Seamless Communication

ToutApp is a unique application that helps businesses establish strong contacts. It enables them to email their leads and contacts with a custom prototype, monitor their interaction, and discover what fits a Salesforce CRM customer effectively

ToutApp serves as a platform for sales effectiveness that allows its customers to produce emails more quickly and follow up on email newsletters. This tool helps to nurture leads, which encourages sales reps to deliver the correct information at the best time to the targets.

This monitoring tool for email and marketing helps you to prioritize your activities, refine your content, and help lead conversion as a business.

GridBuddy- Data Organization

GridBuddy, for Salesforce tests, improves efficiency as it decreases limitless load times and taps. It allows customers to personalize charts and graphs to provide a single view to its users so that they can manage the entire data they need in a single dashboard. 

This app guarantees the formation, upgrading, and editing of Excel-like services across various items. Its database is like a spreadsheet, so its workspace allows you to quickly and easily update Salesforce details.

You can set up grids for any process and customize them for any client. Updating comprehensive records in minutes helps with inline editing, bulk behavior, and mass update.


Performance is not about finishing a job in the quickest way possible, but about using the time efficiently to make the most out of it. Making incremental improvements to existing business practices will dramatically improve the company’s productivity levels and employee quality. 

For various business processes that may include sales and marketing, options for salesforce testing tools are designed. Various automated tools can improve the productivity and speed of the operation.

Implement these advanced capabilities with your Salesforce CRM in order to cut costs and easily accomplish organizational goals.

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