A company with a fleet of vehicles, whether this is vans, HGVs, or cars, can benefit from the installation of fleet trackers. Trackershop have highlighted some of the key benefits of installing fleet trackers. 

What are Fleet Trackers?

No matter the size of your business, large or small, a GPS tracker will allow you to track your fleet vehicles in real time to improve their efficiency and the logistics of your business operations, whilst protecting your vehicles from theft. Fleet trackers work with GPS technology to locate your vehicles across the country. Keeping you continuously up to date with drivers and fleet vehicles. 

Protect Your Vehicles and Drivers

Installing fleet trackers is a great way to protect your fleet of vehicles from theft. The GPS tracking system will monitor your fleet 24/7, alerting you to any unwanted movement. If any of your vehicles are to be stolen, the GPS tracker will your vehicle’s location discreetly, increasing your chances of retrieving the vehicle and saving you thousands in replacement costs. 

As well as protecting your vehicles, your drivers will also feel a sense of protection knowing the fleet managers are aware of their movements and any accidents or breakdowns. 

Customer Satisfaction 

As any company will know, keeping your customers up to date is vital in maintaining relationships. A fleet tracking system will provide you the relevant information to help manage these customer relationships. This would include information to inform your customers of accurate delivery times and driver information. Being able to provide your customers this information will keep your customers satisfied with the service they receive from your drivers. 

Increase Efficiency

Regular updates and reports of your fleet will be sent directly to you using a fleet tracking system. Not only will you be able to see the location of your fleet, but also important information such as, time reports, road conditions, weather alerts, fuel consumption, and speed. This allows for fleets to be well managed, by using the tracking system to divert drivers onto the fastest most economic routes, avoiding road traffic collisions, and ensuring a timely delivery. Keeping both you and your customers satisfied. Whilst also being able to keep fuel consumption down and reducing costs.

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