Do you have a cat at home that you want to keep under constant control, and know where it is and in which direction it is moving? You simply attach a cat GPS tracker to the collar and easily keep your pet under control, no matter where it is.  In this post, we discus how a GPS locator work, how to choose one and our best recommended brand. Keep reading!

How GPS Collar Works

GPS collars use modern technology that you know, for example, a mobile phone or navigation. Through GPS, the cat owner receives accurate information about the current location of his pet. The cat is monitored through a link between the collar and the base station.

Some more sophisticated models contact the owner’s smartphone, sending notifications about the location and movement of the pet as well as warnings if it has left the marked safe area, such as a garden or home.

GPS trackers are the ideal companion for owners who want to constantly monitor their cat and want to know where it is or in which direction it is going at a certain moment.

How to Choose a GPS Collar

  • Collar Range and Functions: Select these options according to the purpose of the collar. Using professional GPS collars, you can track your pets’s current location even in the most difficult terrain.
  • Waterproof GPS Collar: It is very important that the collar is resistant to stress, wear and tear and weather conditions.
  • Number of pets connected to GPS: Some GPS collars are designed for more than one pet.
  • Cat position display: GPS collars are ideal for standard use using a SIM card, with which you can track the cat’s location directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Battery capacity: A very important criterion in choosing the right collar is battery life. The smaller the device, the smaller the battery and hence the battery life.
  • Compass and other data: Professional GPS collars have a compass that shows you the direction the pet is going.
  • Movement history: most GPS collars have a route history function. You can trace the route of a cat for any period, even a month ago.

Weenect Cats 2: The Best GPS Tracker to Locate your Cat

Everyone knows that cats are hard to keep at home, even if you try to keep them warm at home. They love to walk around the neighborhood and explore the area. Weenect cares about cats, so they designed a the Weenect Cats 2 GPS collar thanks to which you will always know the exact location of your pet.

You can easily track in real time using your mobile phone or tablet, and see where your cat was during his walk. This is the world’s smallest GPS collar so it’s very convenient for your cat.

The Weenect GPS collar also has a ring and vibrate features that are essential for training your pet.  It offers a complete tracking system that helps you locate your feline  with various modes: compass, maps and radar. Thus, it doesn’t matter where your cat is hiding, whether in the bushes or in thick forests, you can  always ring the  GPS collar to and locate your cat easily.

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