An excellent solution to secure goods for storage or transportation is strapping and that is useful in securing nearly everything from cumbersome loads to fragile products. Products needing strapping are generally packed in cardboard.

Strapping machines are generally offered in manual, semi-automatic and automatic variants. Automatic strapping machines are used in packaging lines needing large volume strapping of packages. Compared to manual strapping machines semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines are recommended for most applications. Automatic tightening of the strapping in both these variants significantly impacts the process speed.  Automated strapping machines also come with different structures like tabletop or arch and strapping tools like strap tensioners (electrically driven) are available for enhanced mobility.

Application of Strapping Machines

Lending strength to a package, pallet strapping or joining multiple parcels together are the major applications for strapping.  Generally strapping is helpful in a wide range of settings and nearly anything can be secured with the help of strapping including fragile items and bulk packages. Hand held machines tend to be more convenient for low volume activity, while semi-automatic /automatic strapping machines are the popular choice for larger and regular volumes. These machines are electrically operated and can handle nearly all the hard work saving materials, time and energy in comparison to typical packing.  Manual strapping aids like tensioners and cutters are also no needed for these machines. The operator can set tension and strap strength giving complete control over the process.

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How The Strapping Machines Work

All the 3 variants of strapping machines work differently. Therefore, let us understand the working of these variants so that it is easier for you to determine the best machine that answers your needs. Putting the strapping machine to use varies marginally from one type of machine to the other. The process to be followed for different types of machine is explained below:-

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Semi automatic strapping machines are generally chosen when you have irregular and low volume loads. These machines are capable of applying 24 straps in every minute. Just like the fully automatic machines, semi-automatic machines can complete the entire process in one single motion. The singular exception is that the straps are to be fed manually and that needs an operator to be available at all times when the machine is operational. The operator has to manually feed the chosen strapping before starting the machine and the process of tightening, tensioning and cutting is then done automatically.

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Machines Distinguished

Both these machines work nearly in the same manner since they are upright machines with a flat surface to work from. Typically, both machines are provided with a slot at the bottom or side for both variants of the machine for feeding the strapping depending on how the strapping reel is positioned and fed to the machine. To commence strapping, the parcel is put in the specified spot on the machine ensuring correct positioning of the strap so that it wraps around the material or parcel.  With a semi-automatic machine the strap is manually fed around the item in a way that the strap goes back to the machine. This process is automatically taken care of in fully automatic machines.

Handheld Strapping Machines

Handheld strapping machines bring the convenience of moving the machine itself around than moving the parcels to a strapping table. Though this type of machine needs more manual involvement, it also has the convenience of strapping horizontally or vertically offering higher flexibility with the work. Plastic strapping is looped manually and PET or polypropylene strapping material can be employed conveniently. Both ends properly looped are fed to the machine and a trigger is provided to help with tightening and tensioning.

The Choice Between Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

We have already discussed the benefits of a semi automatic strapping machine and now we explore the benefits of fully automatic strapping machines in greater detail.

Among the significant benefits of fully automatic strapping machines is that it can detect you packages in the conveyor and commence the strapping operation. In other words, these machines do not need an operator. Further their efficiency is supreme at a strapping rate of 60 every minute so long as the dimensions are calculated properly. Obviously, the cost of automatic strapping machines are is significantly higher compared to the other variants. But, the higher investment you make is justified by the following benefits.

Faster Turnaround

The number of packages strapped per hour is much higher compared to semi-automatic or hand-held machines. However, you should choose this machine only when you have adequate load to justify the investment. Another angle to consider is the reduced manpower needed wherein even with a lower load rate per day, you can possibly have one person handling multiple jobs in the logistics department, such as a driver.

 Adjust Tension Easily

With an automatic strapping machine, you can adjust tension of the strap with ease. For instance, springy and soft items may need less tension while harder objects like wooden crates will need higher tension. This machine enables the operator to conveniently adjust strap tension for each item.

No Wasted Straps

By design, most automated strapping machines ensure close to zero wastage of strapping material. However, each package will need varying amounts of strapping depending on tensile resistance and size of the package. Minimal use of strapping material also saves significant cost for you.

Strapping Compatibility

Most of the lower end machines like hand held or semi automatic machines call for different tensioners for different strapping material. But, with a fully automatic strapping machine, you can overcome this problem easily, because they are engineered to accommodate different strapping types.


Now that you have gained a closer understanding of semi automatic strapping machine, your choice will be dictated by the frequency and volume of your needs.

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