Photographers play an important role in our lives. They deliver to us memories from important events. They capture beautiful moments between people which cannot be replaced. Photography itself is vital to our existence as it shows us moments from the past, teaches us about history, and helps us remember moments that we cannot re-live.

Without photographers and their photos, we would not be able to learn about other countries, see beautiful animals which we never knew existed, learn about our ancestors, and see some of the most beautiful places on earth.

What is a photographer?

Photographers are people who we hire to take photos of us so that we can create memories in albums. They make photos for a living. There are varieties of photographers. They can be hobbyists who just take photos for their own pleasure and upload them on social media for people to view. Others make a living from it by creating a portfolio and offering their services for a fee, for example, wedding photographers.

There are also ones who take photos, upload them to different sites, and make money from each sale. Others also create an online store where they can sell their photos by printing and sending them to their buyers. Photographers tell a story in their photos, they capture moments, they teach us things we never knew.

What do we use photographers for?

We use photographers for many reasons. Wedding and family portraits would be the main events for which we would hire freelance photographers to take professional photos so that we could create an album. Taking photos on your phone is becoming increasingly popular but it will never replace a professional photograph.

Family portraits and wedding photos are something that a phone just will not do justice on. Photographers are important to us for this. The reason why is because you yourself cannot run around the whole wedding party with a phone to take pictures. It is your day, and the photographer has a job to capture it all. They take photos not only of you but also of all the people that came to your wedding.

They make sure to get every moment for you and send you an album full of photos from your big day. They know how to use different lighting, focus, and much more. They create professional photos, not phone photos, and that is exactly what you need from an event like this.

It is the same with family portraits. There is no way you could create a beautiful portrait yourself to hang on your living room wall. Because you are getting a professional to do your family portrait, it ends up bringing the family together. You have fun planning and preparing for the photoshoot that will then provide you with amazing photos to hang up in your house for everyone to see.

For companies or individuals who need photos for a specific project, who do we need? An event photographer. There are many sites that let you buy or download stock photos for a very cheap price. The photographer who takes these photos then get paid from your download or purchase. This is the same when you get a new phone, and you want a nice new background. Without photographers, we would not have nature wallpapers on our phones or breath-taking photos of animals in their natural habitat.

Why is it important to take photographs?

Photographs connect us. Families who live countries apart share their life with each other through images and videos. It keeps us in touch and up to date on what is going on in our brothers/sisters/cousins/best friends’ life abroad. It is how we communicate with one another. Without this, we would not be able to imagine the life and experiences someone is going through.

The images can contain memories that we may forget as the years go on. They help us in teaching our children of their heritage. They show them people who have passed away and they never got to meet. They also help us remember those people and keep them alive through the photos which were taken.

No photo can be replicated. It is unique and irreplaceable. This is even more true and important during these testing times that we are going through, Covid. Without photos, we would not be able to stay connected with loved ones. Apart from this, photos are what teach us about history. They show us how places used to look like 100 years ago, what people used to dress like, what type of transport there used to be, and much more.

Without photos, we would not be able to create films that are dated back to the 1800s as we would not know what the world looked like then. We would not be able to know what anyone looked like back then, or how much the world has changed.

Why are photographers so expensive?

Yes, photographers are expensive, but there is a reason for that. They do not just stand around pushing a button all day. Photography is an art, and they create it for you. Apart from this, they have to purchase all the equipment necessary to create these photos, develop them, print them and bring them to you as a finished product.

At a wedding, photographers would spend a full day following everyone around taking photos. Not only this, but they then go home and do all the necessary work to make these photos perfect for your album. Photographers’ equipment is quite expensive ranging between $200 to $3000. Wedding photographers would cost up to $3000.

The price includes travel, taking photos, editing, printing, and much more. When you receive the album, it is definitely worth the money to have professional memories of your big day that will last you a lifetime.

Photographers are important to us for all the above reasons, even if they are pricey, they produce beautiful moments which we would not be able to capture on our own. They bring us closer and provide us with memories that we will cherish forever.

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