DirecTV employee and Redditor ErikAufDieMeer turned his cubicle into a castle. A cardboard castle. The most impenetrable kind! I hope he built this thing on the clock. Why? Because damn the man, that’s why! Sometimes work is hard. Sometimes you gotta do things to liven things up a bit. Which is exactly why I started spiking the breakroom coffee pot. And eating all the lunches I could find in the fridge. Of course this was back when I had a job. Yeah, my boss fired me a looong time ago. But you know what? I keep showin’ up. And you know what else? He has security escort me out every time. Sure the process gets monotonous after a while but at least it gives me something to do though with all that free time since I don’t have a job anymore. I mean, what else am I supposed to do with myself? And don’t you dare tell me to look for another job because that’s not gonna happen. I’m what HR departments call ‘unhirable.’ Also, you’re starting to sound like my mom. And trust me, that is NOT a compliment. She’s bossy!



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