Today we are experiencing amazing yet challenging digital times times of vast amounts of content on social media for all tastes and an inability to absorb and consume all the content you need. That’s why it’s getting harder and harder to decide what style of content you should follow in your account because people may simply not notice it. 

For your content to stand out and sell a product, you need to make a conscious choice and think through all the options. Social media is also a place for low-quality content. Still, it’s your account management tactics that determine whether or not a new user wants to click that important “Follow” button.

As ironic as it may sound, the audience is first attracted by colors, theme, and a FB, Twitter, Instagram font you use in your profile, and only then by the description of your product, you offer them. It is a lucky trick, which makes business development in networks much more successful and effective. Visuals and aesthetics are what’s important.

We are here to help you pick out a profile style that suits your brand the best. 

Four tips on choosing the perfect account style

Find out who your audience is

The very first step in developing a business strategy, and in our case choosing an account style, is knowing your target audience. What type of audience is interested in your product, what age that audience is, their problems, and whether your product can solve them. If your posts and account maintenance are on the right track, your post or profile will be noticed by those who will find your account attractive. It is the path to successful business growth.

Decide which visual suits your brand

The main task is to decide on the aesthetics of the profile, the colors, and fonts that can be found using font generators: Insta, Facebook, or Twitter font generator. Examine your product more thoroughly and decide which style, aesthetics, color, or font suits it the most.


Consider one “dominant” color for your account, photos, and posts that show the product in its best light. Maybe it’s beige, which emphasizes elegance, or black, which demonstrates classic and minimalism. It’s also worth picking out additional colors to the dominant color, which will “dilute” the account’s overall picture. Maybe it will be black and white, brown and all its shades, or perhaps it will be a bright combination of acid colors.

ProTip: If we are talking about IG accounts, it is worth considering a particular theme or pattern for the posts’ arrangement: chess type, framing of posts, or a puzzle theme.


Think about what Facebook fonts, IG ones, or other social media fonts describe your brand. Maybe it will be an aesthetic font in your bio or an italic one. The choice depends on which product you are advertising. If it’s vintage clothing, then an aesthetic font would be good, but other fonts should be considered if it’s men’s sports shoes. In any case, it’s up to you what font to choose. Today, online font generators help you pick out the best font for your social media accounts.

Determine which images are best to promote your product

Perhaps it will be a profile where you will post user-generated content, with people and their emotions as the primary focus. Or it could be minimalist photos of details without a cluttered horizon or unnecessary colors.

By the way, the idea of black-and-white photos is also acceptable, especially if your product is linked to the arts. The choice of which photos you choose for your profile depends on your ability to take and edit them. It’s not that hard to do these days just stick to the same theme in your photos and use the same filters to make your account look harmonious and logical.

Think about a format of the posts

Once you have decided on the visuals, you can think about the information design of the profile. What kind of information should be posted on the account? Maybe you should focus on interesting facts about your product, various tips in the field, or your personal story of how you came to create the product. Better yet, you can diversify your account with different styles of information so that it connects with your product idea. 

People come to your page to learn more about your product, which means it needs to be exciting and creative, so they don’t get bored. To make the text of the posts more attractive, you could try using web-based font generators to organize your profile into a beautiful concept that will engage more users.

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