There’s a novelty in all things “customized” or “personalized” these days. In an age where almost everything is mass-produced, even when it comes to accessories, customization has made itself its own niche and people are catching on. 


The same is true with keychains. What’s more, you can get custom keychains in bulk! Save up on a bit of cash by purchasing them wholesale instead of piece by piece. 


Now, here are some benefits of custom keychains and why they’re a market hype today.


Tips On Selling Custom Keychains For Your Startup 

1. Material Type 


There are two major types that are used for commercial manufacturing of keychains. One, PVC. And the other, metal. This is your first step. Choose which type of material you’d like to utilize in producing custom keychains in bulk. 


As a guide, metal are more durable than PVC. Additionally, if you get them in stainless steel or other similar metals, they’ll keep their aesthetic for a long time without rusting or fading. Of course, this also means that they may also come at a higher price. But if sturdiness is the main feature you want to focus on, then metal it is. 


As for PVC, they’re quite affordable. And if you’ve noticed, many have been using PVC also because they’re much more malleable. Though opposite of metal, there’s a possibility that they won’t last as long. Still, in the event that price is what you’re after, then PVC is a good choice. 


2. Size Them Up 


Lengths from 0.5 inches to 3 inches and widths from 0.5 inches to the same, these are the general spectrum of measurements that common commercial keychains revolve around. You can take your pick from these numbers, from the minimum to the maximum. 


In contrast, if you want customization to play a role in this, you can go crazy with dimensions. Only, take note that in mass production, you’ll get a cheaper price by picking one size for the entire batch as opposed to having separate groups with varied measurements. 


3. Chains And Rings 


The third on this list is about the chains and rings attached to the embellished design that make up the whole of a keychain. There are 5 basic types and they are as follows— the curb chain, split ring, cable chain, swivel 8-link, and C-link. 


Remember that even these chains and rings play a crucial role in tipping the scales in terms of price. It isn’t only about the keychain design and how simple or complicated the colours and patterns are. 


The curb chain is what you’ve most likely seen many times— a ring with a series of chains that connect it to the designed metal or PVC. Split rings are exactly the same, just without the chain series. As for the rest, they’re more of the specialized type. Check them out to see which ones you prefer. 


Furthermore, PVC keychains have a new alternative as well— cellphone strings. 


4. Quantity, Quantity 


Now, it’s time to finalize your calculations and count the cost. Literally. Based on your initial capital, decide on which option will be best fitted so that you don’t overspend. Again, if you can have custom keychains produced in bulk, you’ll get a better price tag. Thus, allowing you to increase your selling price when you put them out in the market for retail. 


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