Can you make the website visitors understand what your company does just within 5 seconds of visiting your site? Can they easily navigate to the blog? Is your website visually attractive and has a low bounce rate? If you answered no to most of these questions, it is time to redesign your website.

A good website is a melange of website users’ experience, functionality, and complementing content. So, let us discuss what you need to make your web design attractive.

Design a Clean Home Page

A cluttered home page overwhelms the user with too many graphics or texts and chases them away. Your website designer must pay considerable attention to making the website clutter-free, easily navigable, captivating, and attractive.

Use Legally Sourced Free Stock Images

Using photographs helps the website visitor to relate to your work and services. Avoid photographs that have been used somewhere else. By using legally sourced free stock images, your photos reinforce your business image. These images allow the website visitor to focus on a moment and create a lasting bond with it.

Create A Harmonious Graphic Design

Create recurring graphic and visual elements on your website to make it possible for the visitor to have a coherent image of your business in their mind. It also allows for easier navigation. Choose fonts and colors that complement the visual identity of your business. Ensure to maintain them on all pages. This visual coherence across the communication media will strengthen the identity of your business. Also, it is necessary to have a logo that conveys the essence of your business. This would help the users to retain your identity in their minds, and you can expect a long-term involvement.

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Design An Audiovisual Presence

Use compelling videos to tell the story of your business, brand, services. This will help you by attracting the attention of the website users. Though it might prove costly, uploading a professionally made video for your business and brand will be useful. If you choose to spend less, you can also go for a less polished video that tells the story of your business. People love stories, choose to create content that merges information with a little bit of entertainment. This video will also help you in marketing your business on other platforms such as social media, television, and video platforms on the internet.

Choose Experienced Web Designers

It is always best to choose an experienced web designer for your website as they will be updated in the latest design trends and technology. However, it is best to put up legally sourced free stock images and original graphics to place on your website. This will create a great user experience resulting in sales and higher engagement.

Final Thoughts

Creating a visually stimulating website does not need a large budget. Consider these tips to redesign or create your website and get started on the journey of grabbing the attention of the customers to make effective business deals.

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