A real life middle-aged Napoleon Dynamite & Pedro have been spotted! [MTV]

Family Guy x Game of Thrones mash-up. Giggity! (Kill me now.) [How 2 Be Cool]

The most common complaints at restaurants. They forgot “Is not Taco Bell.” [Neatorama]

Robin Thicke’s collection at 1-800 Flowers makes me real sad. [UPROXX]

Steven Spielberg is a cold-blooded dinosaur killer. MONSTER! [Dangerous Minds]

Realistic Pokemon.  Yeeeaaaah, uh, kindly get back in the ball, pls? [Elite Daily]

Disney Princesses as Orange Is The New Black characters. Okay! [Jezebel]

Self-serve beer vending machines, where have you been all my life? [Gizmodo]

There is a Sharknado video game. That is all. [Mashable]

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