So, um… Bread Avengers????????????? IDK anymore, you guys. [Foodiggity]

Is Rick Astley rickrolling us with this new Rick Astley beer? Evidence that we are living in truly crazy times. [Vice]

Monopoly opens voting to replace all their game tokens. Yet another indication that we are living in crazy times. [Gizmodo]

Wizards and Muggles living in and around Williamsburg — Harry Potter themed restaurant just opened up. [Timeout]

16 parents who mocked their kid’s selfies. [Pleated-Jeans]

Amazon will soon be accepting food stamps. [USA Today]

And soon Google Maps will show how difficult it is to find parking near your destination. Technology!!! [Ars Technica]

This giant butter sculpture was made using 1,000 pounds of butter. That, for reference, is a lot of butter. [Mashable]

There’s a new FDA-approved invisible, edible coating that extends the life of your produce. Very cool! [Business Insider]

Supermarkets are selling pre-halved and repackaged avocados. Not cool! [Today]

And here’s 2016’s most commonly hacked passwords. Legit sorrs, but if you are dum-dum enough to use “123456” as your password, you are asking to be hacked. [IFL Science]

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