‘Life hack’ videos are a trend that seems to be going nowhere, with more and more of them showing up on YouTube, social media, and even on Netflix. People are always on the look for smarter methods to solve issues, and these videos promise exactly that. Most of them revolve around things that need to be done around the house and, although some of them are extremely useful, some believe that they are also overrated.

YouTube Channels

Offering tips on how to do certain ‘basic’ tasks became very popular around 2015, where a lot of content creators began to tap into that market. Once YouTubers figured out the potential of these videos, and the cash they could gain from them, an abundance of DIY and life hack channels appeared. Some of the most subscribed to channels dedicated to this niche include 5-Minute Crafts, with 67.5 million, Troom Troom, with 19.6 million, and Crafty Panda, with 12.9 million.

What these three YouTube channels have achieved is quite inspirational, in terms of their reach and number of views. 5-Minute Crafts is one of the most subscribed-to channels on the entire platform, creating fun and entertaining videos aimed at social media and mobile devices. Meanwhile, Troom Troom’s bizarre life hacks videos have gathered more than 8 billion views. Although both channels had started out as regular ‘how to’ platforms, over the years they have been heavily criticised for their unusual content.

Moreover, people’s desire to make their lifestyle easier and to solve problems in a prompt way was noticed by Netflix too. The streaming service company released, in 2019, a series called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The show follows Marie Kondo, an organisation consultant, in her attempt to help American families organise and tidy their homes. Her KonMari de-cluttering method aims to bring joy in people’s lives, as well as protect the environment and motivate people to donate to charity shops.

Money-Saving Websites

The trend has also expanded into entire websites dedicated to helping people save money. Comparison websites guide customers to the best providers of certain services, presenting people with a variety of offers available. A long free spins no deposit UK 2020 article from bonusfinder/UK/, for example, shows online casino aficionados all the deals they can access in the online gaming industry. This way, players know all the details of a particular site, as well as all the features and promotions they provide, and can, from there, pick the best option.

There are also other websites that offer tips on saving money for various other sectors. Five Dollar Dinners helps people save money on grocery bills by sharing budget-friendly family recipes that can be made for $5 or less. Also focused on providing families with tips on how to pay less for household items is Money Saving Mom. This website’s goal is to share anything, from deals and coupons to tips and ideas, that can make everyday life easier.

The popularity of online hack videos and tips websites is indisputable. They are always trending because people find them inherently interesting, entertaining, and useful. In a digital world where everyone’s goal is to make life easier and simpler, it makes perfect sense that this type of content is among the most consumed.

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