Launching your marketing campaign on social media is a fantastic way to drive engagement and generate website traffic. It’s a straightforward process – people run into your brand, want to discover your offers, click the available link, and visit the online store. 

High-quality advertising is a must, but your efforts don’t stop there. The entirety of your online presence should prompt potential shoppers to check out your website. You’ll need an effective ad AND a powerful linking strategy.

Instagram gives you a wide array of promotional options to facilitate conversions. Let’s explore the top linking principles to make your brand flourish on this platform.

Must-Have Multiple Links 

In most cases, Instagram doesn’t allow URLs in post descriptions. Technically, your link in bio is the only spot to include a link to your landing page. Luckily, there are ways to add multiple clickables via third-party tools. 

Such software solutions eliminate the struggle of deciding which page is the most relevant and the fear of losing potential customers by getting it wrong. Instead, you’ll promote several pages at once. For example, you could send people to:

  • The landing page 
  • Various e-commerce categories
  • The blog or newsletter
  • An event you’re promoting

Plus, most tools let you design this piece of content to match the rest of the profile aesthetics.


CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – July 13,2018: Woman holding HUAWEI with Instagram application on the screen. Instagram is a popular online social networking service.

Actionable Buttons

Apart from the link in the profile description, arguably the vital spot for company promotion, Instagram lets you include quick call-to-action buttons that prompt followers to give you a call or send a message. 

If you already got people interested in your content, you might feel that these buttons are irrelevant. After all, a website visitor can find contact information on your About page.

Remember that not everybody has the same preferences. Some would much rather talk directly to a representative – help them do that.

Stories for Limited-Time Offers

The bio is a spot for permanent links. You’ll also host promotions, limited-time discounts, and competitions, though. 

Business profile brands can include live links in the Instagram stories, which creates a sense of urgency and encourages the viewer to learn more as soon as possible.

A middle-of-the-road option is to save swipe-up linked stories in the account highlights section. These can be a library of your evergreen content that’s not relevant enough for the bio, such as past events, essential FAQs, community posts, and top-selling products. 

You’ll have to remember that the story plays for only fifteen seconds. Make the call to action crystal clear:

  • Emphasize the see more link with highlights and fonts
  • Point to the URL with gifts and stickers 
  • Publish a story beforehand to announce the promotion

Another aspect to consider is story consistency. If you only share discounts and offers, your marketing efforts will reduce how authentic you seem. Employ a social media manager or a software solution for a regular posting schedule.

As Sked Social: The #1 Instagram Scheduler and Stories Scheduling Tool explains, you can visually plan a feed-in advance. Your followers are more than happy to view the next thing you have in store if they’re already used to seeing your engaging posts. 

Shoppable Posts

These posts are another highly-specific linking tactic, where each tag leads to only one physical product from your e-commerce catalog. 

A shoppable shows up on your followers’ homepages and the Shopping tab on your profile. Users can tap to buy or save the post for later viewing.

If you go for this strategy, promote the product before releasing it to prime people for noticing it. Otherwise, as the content stream continues, your post could slip through the tracks, not gaining the traction you hoped it would.

Relevant Promoted Content 

Typically, a follower can only visit the URL in a post description by copying and pasting it in their browser. However, business accounts can pay to promote these posts, adding clickable links to the captions. 

Since you’re paying for advertising, make sure that the link is 100% relevant to the post in which it appears. Otherwise, people might get interested and click on it but leave since they didn’t get what they expected. That’s wasted ad money.

Find a combination of high-value advertisements for people to enjoy and prominent CTAs to ensure they know what they get from clicking it.

Easier Advertising

Instagram is an addictive, entertaining platform that keeps giving. It’s a massive market for businesses, and you should hop on the bandwagon.

With attention-grabbing promotions and advertisements, linking becomes the easiest part of your social media marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on all the potential it provides.

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