You probably take your phone everywhere you go. It is a piece of expensive equipment that grows sentimental value over time. Besides the need to keep it safe from external forces, there is also the need to protect the data it holds inside. You can keep your phone safe by merely buying a phone case ideal for your smartphone.


It is not easy to get the right case for your phone as there are numerous manufacturers of phone cases who each claim to possess the best features suited for the protection of your smartphone.


There are a few considerations to help you make up your mind.


  1. Aesthetic appeal


We all know the sleekness of the new iPhone 11 and honestly not so many people would want to cover its beauty. As for its safety, a case is a small price to pay for the assured protection of your expensive investment. Most people buy cases that complement their personalities, and it is essential to them that they like how their phones look.


Popular designs include solid colors, abstract designs, illustrations, and unique shapes.


  1. Raised lip feature


New models of the iPhone have perfect screens that are made from durable glass. But no matter the hype they give the screen, the glass will always find ways to break or crack. Scratches on your new iPhone 11 can limit the enjoyment of your latest expensive acquisition.


The raised lip feature, therefore, protects both the screen and the back of your phone. Your phone’s screen is protected against scratches whenever you place it facedown on any surface.


  1. Shockproof


As it is, if you leave your phone ‘naked’ you risk losing it the next time it slips from your hands. Smartphones are delicate, and there is no telling which fall will damage your phone. Short distance falls can have massive impacts, and the first fall can be the last. The need for a personalised phone case cannot be stressed enough.


The best case for iPhone 11 is made from shockproof material that manages the fall and lessens the impact by absorbing or distributing the shock leaving your investment intact. Quality cases protect your phone on any conditions, whether they fall on wooden, concrete, or uneven surfaces.


  1. Consider the weight of the case


People have different tastes in case designs. Some prefer bulky while others are taken by lightweight cases. Regardless, your phone’s casing should not be too heavy to make it challenging to use. A good sheath will balance between strength and weight, which can only be achieved if it has been made from quality materials.

Additionally, slim phones are trendy, and a lot of effort goes to make new models leaner. It would be a shame, having a bulky phone case that defeats this purpose.


  1. Right Coverage


Different smartphones have their own ideal cases that follow the design of your smartphone to the latter. A good case will cover most of your phone leaving space for the ports on your phone. It can be devastating to buy a fitting case with openings for the function keys located on the opposite side.


Even though you can easily make openings for yourself, sometimes it can backfire on you and end up making inferior incisions leaving your case with a damaged face.


  1. Waterproof and dustproof cases


Modern smartphone technology is pegged on designed to be with you at all times through all your life experiences, helping your day go by smoother. They can function as Go Pro cameras when you go sky diving, bungee jumping, water skiing, and all the exhilarating adventures you can think of.


A waterproof case provides protection when your smartphone accidentally falls in the water. But a good case will make you take quality photos underwater.


However, the waterproof feature is limited to only a few depths (mostly 100 feet), and the exposure time is limited to only 30 minutes underwater.


  1. Grips and holders


This simple design feature may appear flawed, but most people are slowly embracing it. Holders make you secure your smartphone by slipping in a finger on the ring attached to the case. Holders also help you hold your phone in place when you are taking elevated photos without a ‘selfie’ stick. They are quite functional as they add extra security to your phone.


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