Just kidding. I know Xbox vs Playstation is like crips and bloods and if you were planning on getting an Xbone then nothing’s gonna change your mind. But for those of you who are either undecided or rich enough to buy both, Sony is making a strong case for their console with this trailer. They’re done talking about hardware and specs and all that tech stuff—they’re just showing the games. I watched it and I was like “Looks cool, looks cool, looks awesome, OMG SORA!!!!! NEW KINGDOM HEARTS!!! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” and then I couldn’t stay focused for the rest of the video.

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  1. MammaG123

    Meh. Not backwards compatible. Screw it.

  2. GetYourFacts

    Lol half these games will be on both systems including Kingdom Hearts 3. Sora is not loyal to Sony anymore haha

  3. ichy

    This is exactly what makes me not want ps4… fucking sony

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