Working on the road has many benefits – that’s why so many people do it these days. Live in Thailand (for example), get paid in UK sterling and US dollars – you can live pretty well whilst travelling the world.


However, it can be somewhat difficult to manage your own business without a regular office, a desktop computer and any administrative staff. Not to worry though; modern technology, specifically the smartphone, has you covered.


Read on to get our rundown of the must-have apps for tech entrepreneurs on the move.




The perfect accounting app, with QuickBooks you can quickly get a feel for the health of your business’s finances. You can get a ‘quick’ overview of sales, profits, track and follow up unpaid invoices, work out your taxes and even pay vendors and/or employees.


Quickbooks is also linked to most major banks, so you can upload your business bank account data quickly and easily to cross-reference and work out how healthy your business finances are looking. It also integrates with Paypal – every blogger’s favourite form of payment.


Google Docs


Google docs, sheets and drive are free (up to 15GB of storage on Google Drive) and provide a great way to store your work and information online – rather than on your own hard drive. This makes all your work accessible, as long as you have an internet connection.


The other advantage of Google docs is that you can collaborate with other people easily, by sharing a link – allowing you to both edit the same piece of work at the same time. Google Sheets look and behaves a lot like Excel, although it does take a bit of getting used to if you’ve always stuck to the Microsoft program in the past.




Chat apps can be very useful – allowing you to ask questions and reply to inquiries quickly and easily. However, not all chat apps will organise conversations as efficiently as Twist. You can manage chats more easily, in ‘threads’ and you can comment on an existing thread or start a new one.


Google Hangouts chat and Google Meetings are, typically with Google – excellent, as well.


Moneypenny Call Answering


Phone Answering Service app is excellent for self-employed digital nomads who deal directly with their own clients. With the 24/7 call answering service, you can capture all leads and portray a professional business image; no matter what time it is wherever in the world you might be. It is a lot like having your receptionist, working from your own office. Combined with a virtual office, you can give the impression and service of a bricks-and-mortar company.


WiFi Map


One thing a digital nomad is dependent on; is an internet connection. Thanks to an admirable crowdfunding effort, the Wifi Map app, boasts 100 million wifi hotspots, along with the passwords and approximate speeds of each connection.


A potential lifesaver (or at least job-saver) this app is very handy to have at the ready, whenever you’re on the move to a new place.




A popular project-management tool; Trello can be used for collaboration, or just for managing your workflow. With a drag and drop interface, it is very easy to use. Simply name your columns and add ‘cards’ as projects or items of work to be completed.


A common way to set out the columns is to have different stages of the workflow. Column A, for example, might be called “Planning Stage”, Column B could then be “Work Started” and the final column might be called “Project Completed”.


It can also provide a quick way to communicate with people who you are collaborating with; making it immediately obvious, what you are referencing thanks to the ‘board’ layout.


Other potential valuable apps include Evernote, Zapier and Google Translate – to name but a few. Just one of the mobile phone apps listed in this article can make your life significantly easier. Remember, work smarter, not harder, especially when you are travelling and want to take in the sights and culture!


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