Owning a model TARDIS is pretty cool, but sadly there’s no way to actually make it bigger on the inside… or is there? Well technically still no, because we’re not Time Lords and have no idea how that technology works. But we do know how augmented reality technology works… or at least some of us do—I’m still over here trying to figure out how my DVR works. But Greg Kumparak does in fact know how that technology works and he used this knowledge to create this amazing augmented reality TARDIS. The front of the police box features a wibbly wobbly timey wimey design that when viewed with the AR app appears to be the inside of the TARDIS. Kumparak explains how he did it on his website, but be warned: if you can’t figure out the DVR you’ll never figure this out either.

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  1. Dave Zachritz

    You are without a doubt one of the coolest people I have never met.

  2. Bradley Schwartz


  3. Billy Vicenti

    brilliant! goddamn brilliant

  4. Ron Leger

    Clearly you are using tardis technology to contain the amount of cool in you.

  5. Alfie Edgeworth

    This + Google Glass = <3

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